Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Book Club

It's the final book club of 2013! What are you reading and loving this week?

And how about discussing your favorite reads of this year? It's always fun to look back over the reading year. :-)


Eva said...

Tough question. I´m reading too much`-).

Some of my favorite reads of this year:
- Archangels Legion
- Heart of Obsidian
- Kiss of Snow (Again. So far I read it at least 10 times).
- American Blood: A Vamire´s Story by Gregory Holden.
- Blood Legacy by Vanessa Redmoon.
- The Valerie Dearborn Trilogy by Caroline Hanson.
- Strictly Business by Aubrianna Hunter (At present free for the kindle).
- Find Her, Keep Her - A Martha`s Vineyard Love Story by Z.L. Arkadie (Also free for the kindle at present).
- Entwined with You: A Crossfire Novel (Book 3) by Sylvia Day.
- The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared von Jonas Jonasson.

If you want to try one of Sandra Schwab´s books: Springtime Pleasures is actually free for the kindle. (Sandra will attend the love letter convention in Berlin, 2014). Castle of the wolf is one of my favorite books from Sandra.

Jen said...

Reading now, Kiss of Snow (for the billionth time!); starting vaca tomorrow, and I've been saving Archangels Legion and Nora Roberts' Dark Witch.

Year's Favorites... Hard to decide, but probably Debora Geary's Witch Central and Modern Witch series and Heart of Obsidian. I also just started the Guild Hunter Series this year (read them all in a week), so even though they are not new for the year, they are new for me!

Hades Moon Girl said...

I am reading The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope. Year's favorites? The Light Between Oceans, Shine Shine Shine, Gone Girl, Life After Life, The Roundhouse, Heart of Obsidian and Archangel's Legion. And too many more to count!

Connie said...

Archangel's Legion, I had missed Elena and Raphael. It was great to see how much their relationship has grown.

Most of these are not new to 2013but they were new to me!

Psy-Changling series by a certain wonderful author! Just finished Kiss of Snow, they just get better and better!

The Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series by Larissa Ione. I love the Demonica world she created. Just finished Reaver and it's a little different to the previous in this series as the lead characters are an angel and a fallen angel, so most of it takes place in Heaven & Hell but I found it a great read.

I discovered Felicity Heaton's Her Angel series. The first story/novella Her Dark Angel did not really grab me although I liked the characters so I kept going with this series and they get better and better. Her Demonic Angel and Her Wicked Angel I could not put down!

Cassandra Claire's Mortal Instruments which is young adult but excellent characters and story.

Also her Infernal Devices Clockwork series which I liked even more than the Mortal Instruments although the epilogue to Clockwork Princess is bitter sweet but I don't see how she could have ended it any other way to give a satisfying conclusion.

Also read Nalini's Lord of the Abyss. Different to her other books but I loved it just the same!

All of the above will be shelf keepers and will be re-read from time to time.

I also read the Fifty Shades of Grey series because it seemed so popular. I have to say it was not really my cup of tea. The story just didn't go anywhere. So I passed those books along. Sorry this is just my opion. It does not mean I'm right!

As we start the New Year I shall be reading Tangle of Need followed by Heart of Obsidian.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014 and happy reading!


Unknown said...

I just finished The Professional Part I by Kresley Cole. she's one of those author I have pretty much on auto-buy. But this one....just needs something more. Maybe the next installment will bring that extra something. Favorites of the year: you can't really go wrong with Ilona Andrews and a certain author by the name of Nalini Singh.
i swear I still want to kick Curran's ass right now, but Magic Rises was one of the best books in the series, despite His Fuzziness idiocy.
As for Heart of Obsidian, it doesn't beat Kiss of Snow for me, but only because Hawke is........well, Hawke. Hard to beat that.
Also loved the Endless Knight - the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. When I heard she was publishing a young adult series, all kinds of panic seized me, but I should've known better. Was rooting for Jackson and Evie like nobody's business. The second book pretty muck blew me away.
And Adrian....ahh Adrian. Vampire Academy was one of the first Young Adult series I've ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart. The Bloodlines series is totally different from Vampire Academy, but also very good. And it has Adrian :D What more can Richelle Mead do to that boy?!?!

Meljean Brook and Larissa Ione are personal favorites too.

Happy New Year everybody :D:D:D

Always V said...

My number 1 of the year 2013 is
This book owns me.
I can go line by line and rave what I love about it.
My friends say they can go word by word!

My number 2 is ARCHANGEL'S LEGION.
This says a lot about how superior this book is.
Because I'm neutral toward Elena~
a ton of upgrading from
when I didn't care for her at all

My number 3 is Christine Feehan's DARK LYCAN.
into the DARK SERIES.
Comparable to the moment I went WOW!!!!
when I heard this line

"We" ⎯⎯an absolute hush, the wind frozen⎯⎯"are the Legion."

My ALL TIME book to run to whenever life gets so tough ~ is ARCHANGEL'S STORM.
I read Janson 'n his Princess Mahiya
practically every night.


My pattern is pretty clear LOL
Both of your books each year
will always be my TOP ONE 'N TWO.


Peggy Allen said...

my problem is that I can read one of your books in about 60 to 90 minutes, and because of that, I read so many books. My husband can watch a movie from 8pm to 10pm, and I can read 2 books and be starting on a 3rd. You would think this is a great thing, but when you read so much, it is such a problem. I have a kindle Amazon account in which I search to look for free ebooks under different categories to read. Since Jan 2013, I have read just from them over 900 books. I delete them after reading them, and I do not download them, but read them on my kindle cloud online. I get 5 to 20 books per week from inter-library loan at the library because when you read whole series at a time, you go from book 1 to the end pretty fast. I purchase books also. I have read all of your books, and have re-read them from book 1 to were you are at that time more than once. They do not get old. Since one of your series came out in 2006, I have read that one now as a first book 5 times. Just signed up for your newsletter. Hope you have a great New Year.

Dianne R said...

At the moment I am enjoying Wake by Elizabeth Knox. Great Book!

My favourite books of the Year:
Heart of Obsidian and Archangels Legion.
Omens by Kelley Armstrong
Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
The Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz
Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin

There's a few more but at the moment I can't think of them

library addict said...

Currently reading Kat Latham's Mine Under the Mistletoe.

Some of my favorites I read this year:
Psy/Changeling series (why oh why did I think I wouldn't like his series? So dumb of me!)

Declan's Cross by Carla Neggers
All He Ever Dreamed and Love a Little Sideways by Shannon Stacey
A Wedding in Apple Grove ny CH Admirand
Animal Magnetism series by Jill Shalvis
Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz
Killing Time by Cindy Gerard
FBI/US Attorney series by Julie James
Knowing the Score by Kat Latham
Baby It's Cold Outside by Addison Fox
The Striker's Chance by Rebecca Crowley

Goddess Athena said...

Favorite are Archangel's Legion
Heart of Obsidian
Cloak & Dagger by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Touch & Geaux by Abigial Roux
In that order, can't wait for the next book in the Guild series.

Susan said...

I am reading Dannika Dark's Mageri series. It is really fantastic! The romance has a very, very slow start. Book one is world building and getting to know the players. Patience pays off! The romance is more snuggle, and cuddles. It is defintely more P.G. 13 rather than R rated. It may even be considered a Young Adult novel. The hero is very intense and romantic.
The heroine is her own person. It is done well, so neither seems like a copy of past couples.