Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Book Club

I emerge! :-)

It's time to talk books. What are you reading and loving this week?


Anonymous said...

I'm reading Death's Hand by SM Reine, it's book 1 of The Descent series. The first three books are free on amazon, at least in Germany, and by far I like it. Which is rare right now, because I'm so bored of reading always the same in every book I pick.
No worry, your books are lovely! Seriously! Don't you ever stop writing!
And with that, nice weekend everybody :)

fran_w said...

"Perdition" by Ann Aguirre
Been re-reading a lot of favorites lately - comfort reading due to hectic time of year!

Eva said...

I finished a few books during the last weeks:

- I reread Coyote`s Mate (love this one a lot), Bengal`s Heart and Lion`s Heat by Lora Leigh

- Heart of Obsidian (I´m still not a hugh Kaleb fan, but his book was great! Well done Nalini *g*!)

- At the moment I´m reading Mr. Penumbra´s 24-hour Bookstory by Robin Sloan. So far it`s a well written and funny story.

And beside of all the reading I`m eating far too much gingerbread. (I was on the christmas market in Nuremberg. - They have the best gingerbread in hole Germany!).

Anonymous said...

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. Thank you for the other books mentioned. They sound like good reading. Otherwise I read books about the peopling of Eurasia and of Europe. Threw said books on the couch, because throwing them at the wall might damage them. Then began to wonder how our colonization of our world might fit Angelic history as mentioned in Archangel's Legion.

Lol. Now I have to read those books again to get our history straight! (They were actually very interesting, just required more learning than I wanted to do just then.)

Anonymous said...

The Silvered by Tanya Huff was fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I'm re-reading Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's "Balance of Trade" so I have it fresh in mind before I read "Trade Secret." I'm so glad you suggested the Liaden Universe on your blog. They're fabulous books!

Also, I agree with Samantha -- "The Silvered" was really good.


Always V said...

I had an early gift ♥ my first kindle fire ♥
So I bought a kindle edition
of two of my most fave books of yours 🌹

Heart of Obsidian 'n Archangel's Storm😍

Forever Amazing 😍
So much so ~
Even after more than a dozen times
of rereading ♥

🌷 Again, thank you so much ~ NALINI ♥
For Your Gift of Pure Happiness
Via these Superior Books 💐

Lyfé said...

I have been reading some excerpts from the website you posted. God, they are good. Well, I hope you can subscribe to my blog sometime (by email if you want). It would be awesome and a big help. Thanks.

DLSarmywife said...

I'm working my way through Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. I'm on Demon from the Dark. (I did however just order Tangle of Need for myself for Christmas! Still have to get Heart of Obsidian though. :-)

Unknown said...

The Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne. I love finding authors after they've written extensive series because if they're good I can have a good long run! Just like I discovered Ms. Singh after she'd completed six or seven books. Delicious!

lacrima said...

I've (re)read Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews, Master of Crows by Grace Draven (recommended at Ilona's blog and it's as awesome as she says), and Alien Research by Gini Koch

Kimmi Giglio said...

I am reading Archangel's Legion.... I can't put it down... Honestly I have gone through this series so quickly, I find that I keep my kindle in my purse so I can read at lunch too... Awesome read!