Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Newsletter & Bollywood

Doing the final touches on the newsletter that'll be going out in approximately 6 hours, complete with chapter 2 of Archangel's Legion. :-)

If you're not yet a newsletter subscriber, it's easy to join - just input your name and email address in the box on the top right of the front page of the website. You'll get a link in your email to confirm - make sure you click it.

Then, you'll automatically get a Welcome newsletter with two free short stories (Poker Night & Knives and Sheaths). And, if you join in the next few hours, you'll also get the October newsletter when it goes out. Any problems, email Ashwini (naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom).


And this is for the Bollywood fans on the blog. I attended Shah Rukh Khan's Temptation Reloaded show in Auckland on Friday. It was awesome! Here's a shot of the cast at the end.


Anonymous said...

at 2 am in the morning? Wont you and Ashwini be asleep then?

Unless yo have it on timer.

I'm tempted to let you keep me up waiting for it to arrive, but alas, I can't sleep in tomorrow. So I'll just have to eat(I mean read) it over breakfast :)

God, I love your Newsletters Nalini

dougmeeks said...

My son and his wife are in Mumbai this month soaking up similar fare. I am about 1/4 of the way through Archangel's Legion and loving it (as expected) so hopefully should be completing the review in the next few days.

Susan said...

Thank-you for the Newsletter!! It was amazing. I was so excited to read the excerpt!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the blurb for the new book. So happy to see another empath being introduced. I'm sure the chatper 2 excerpt was fantastic too, but I'm saving myself for release day!

Unknown said...

Hi. I got the newsletter but no chap 2. :(

Nalini Singh said...

Kathleen, it's right below the link to chapter 1, in the newsletter. (So don't click through to the site, just scroll down the newsletter itself). I hope you enjoy. :)

Always V said...


Had I lived in Auckland ~ I would've been there too.

Your GH readers on our website got so stressed out after reading Ch 2 :( We all needed a lot of HUGS :(

We defo don't want our beloved angels to be attacked.

Can't wait for OCT 29TH !!!

♥ Thnx much~ Nalini for gifting us with such Superior Series!