Thursday, October 31, 2013

International Edition of Archangel's Legion Now Out!

The international edition of Archangel's Legion is now out!

Happy reading! And remember, the spoiler zone is at this link.

Edited to add: Link to Facebook Q&A thread

Also, don't forget the "Ask Nalini Anything" Q&A on Facebook tomorrow. The thread will go live at 12noon EST (that's 5am NZ time for Kiwis) and stay open still 9pm EST, so everyone should be able to get their questions in.

I'll start answering at 7pm EST, and go hard for a couple of hours. I'm already exercising my fingers.


Unknown said...

Oh no as a uk reader I won't get my copy until tomorrow way to soon for a Q&A

Nalini Singh said...

No worries, Gemma - you can always ask me your questions later if they don't get asked in the Q&A today :)

Anonymous said...

What does aecleri mean please? pretty please?

Roxanna said...

What does aecleri mean please? pretty please?