Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Recommendations

While I was on book tour, I was asked to post more about what I'm reading and would recommend, so here I go!

First, a link to the Dear Author's (international) giveaway of Meljean Brook's Guardians backlist. The seventh and final book in the series, Guardian Demon is out in August, so if you're looking for a series that is complete, this is a fantastic one!

Meljean even as a "Story So Far" primer if you want to dive straight into the awesome final book,  but I'd recommend reading the whole series - why miss out?! My favorite in the series is probably Demon Moon, but I've loved the entire series. (If you click on Meljean's name in the tags at the bottom of this post, you can see my posts about her series over the years).

The second recommendation is for Jessica Clare's Beauty and the Billionaire. I had to get this as soon as I heard the words "virgin billionaire hero". *grin* There's also a beauty and the beast theme, with the hero having scars that have caused him to withdraw from life, but our beauty is a pajama wearing ghost writer who isn't afraid to go after the man she wants.

It's a fun, sexy story that I inhaled in one sitting and one that left me with a smile on my face. And, it's only $2.99, which is a steal.

Hope you enjoy these books if you decide to try them! And if you've already read them, please share your thoughts. :-)


Anonymous said...

The Beauty and the Billionaire sounds like a book for me. Put it on my TBR pile.

little alys said...

Meljean Brook's books are awesome. Just awesome.

Sofia said...

I devoured Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare a couple of weeks ago, I love Hunter and Gretchen and this book had me roaring with laughter when she gets caught spying on him as he steps out of the shower, she blurts out 'your Penis..I saw it' If you liked this then read 'Stranded with the Billionaire' which is the first in her Billionaire Boys Club book..Can't waith for Audrey's book which is next! Great Taste Nalini!