Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Audio Book Sale - Includes Downloads

My USA & Canada audio book publisher, Tantor, is having a big 50% off sale off all my titles.

They used to sell only CDs and MP3s directly off their website, but now also have downloads of some books. ANGELS' BLOOD is currently $6.99 for a download.


Vic said...

This is a great deal. These downloads are essentially the MP3 in downloadable format. So there is a track for each chapter. I believe there are other great UF/PNR titles available in this list including Ilona Andrews IIRC.

Gobbled up the latest Psy-Changeling and now can't WAIT for next Guild Hunter installment!

Diane said...

I already have all the audiobooks!!!

Maria said...

Doesn't work for Spain (T__T)

Anonymous said...

Doest work for Australia either :'(