Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chicago signing

A fantastic signing at Andersons's Bookshop, Naperville tonight. Thank you to everyone who came and to the wonderful staff!! Thanks also to Jane of Dear Author, who interviewed Nalini on stage. We had a great time!

Nalini signed extra copies of Heart of Obsidian while at the store and they'll ship anywhere within the US, so if you'd like a copy, give them a call (630-355-2665), or contact them through their website.

Tomorrow we'll be in Seattle - see you there!


Leah said...

Thanks again for coming out Nalini, it was great to meet you!

Movie Maven Gal said...

Thanks for coming to Naperville! Jane did a fantastic job moderating, and I learned new things about your writing and the series from her questions. Heart of Obsidian totally lived up to my (high) expectations. I loved your analogy about Heroes vs. Lost. The way you circled back to Slave to Sensation with this book is amazing.

Hope to see you at RT next year!

Diane Brunsting said...

It was wonderful to meet you at Anderson's Bookshop. You are a gifted storyteller, both in print and in person. I look forward to Archangel's Legion.