Friday, June 14, 2013

Adieu USA! See you soon, London :-)

Adieu USA! Thank you all for making this trip so much fun! We'd hoped to post up lots of photos but we'll be on a plane very soon, so I have my fingers crossed we can do it in the next week or so, as we continue our travels. Next stop is London :-)

Looking forward to my first ever signing in the UK!!

p.s. The copy edits of ARCHANGEL'S LEGION are almost complete, so you should have an excerpt in July/August. :-)


library addict said...

Glad the US leg of your tour was a success. Enjoy London.

Dianne said...

Those drinks look delicious. Also congrats on the success on your tour and the success on your book. Also YAY on the excerpt coming in July/August. Can't wait

chris said...

university of Nigeria remains the school that does well both in terms of administration

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from Archangel's legion! *-* Ohh yeah!!! I'm so happy :D