Thursday, April 18, 2013

Psy-Changeling Series

Over on Facebook, we're having a discussion on favorite scenes from the Psy-Changeling series. I thought I'd post the question here, too, for those of you not on FB. What are your favorite scenes?

*Heads-up: Comments may contain spoilers*


azteclady said...

Off-topic: congratulations on marriage equality. Brava!

Dianne said...

If I could like the above comment, I totally would.

One of my fav scenes: When Riley realised his protectiveness of Mercey was because she was pregnant.

Next fav was when Riley and Hawke got drunk and talk of pupcubs and prowess ensued.

Too many favs but that will do

Rebecca said...

When Hawke finally bonds with Sienna amidst the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

when hawke has a hangover and sienna is talking bullshit, as he calls it

ladyacct said...

My favorite scene is between Talin and Clay....he asked her what happened to the girl he used to know and she said "I broke" or something to that effect, absolutely heartbreaking.....

Scarlett said...

I loved it in Bonds of Justice when Nikita wouldn't kill the bloke who has her hostage because he said he had Sascha and said she would die if anything happened to him, It made my heart soar to know that she wasn't truly Silent and made me hopeful that maybe she can leave the net too! Or because she os a councillor she can get rid of Silence? And when she Anthony had what I think was a moment.

\.Sabrina./ said...

1.) When Katya asks Dev to let her go in Blaze of Memory. Definetly the most heartbreaking scene.

2.)All Hawke + Sienna scenes of course. Loved those 2 from the start

(and many more...)

Wendy said...

Any scene with Judd in it! But especially the scenes with Judd and kids.

Judd with Noor, when she tells him they're alike.

Judd with Ben, when he "hides" him.

There's just something so sweet about how he relates to the little ones.

Jules said...

Everything with Judd in it, especially Judd and Brenna and all Riley and Mercy scenes....I am kinda partial to Drew,too.....and I´m starting to absolutely LOVE Tai and Evie....and there´s something to be said about Walker and Lara =D.

Anonymous said...

When Dorian realizes that Ashaya is his mate and he goes into a light sleep of a soldier to guard her and her son while they sleep.

Sacha is in Labor but thinks that Lucas doesn't know. He is close by in a tree guarding her.

In Wild Invitation when Cooper is mildly annoyed when she bites him on the chin. At the same time he is going to attack her siblings for being too tough on her.

When Judd asks Brenna to get some explosives or something military and she says something to the effect of how he says the sweetest things.

Always V said...

♥ When Sascha asked the Sentinels to have Lucas for a couple of days then she wouldn't be any trouble.

♥ When Ashaya held Dorian alive for as long as she could have then she would die with him even though her heart was breaking KEENAN ~ MY BABY

♥ Hawk's first dance with Sienna in the woods under the MOONLIT NIGHT?

♥ The slick execution of Santano Enrigue. YEAH!!!!

♥ nope ~ not yet happens ~ BUT I know I'll be so crazy HAPPY when the "Operation Ming Is Dead Man Walking" is executed!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

I really like all the ones already mentioned, but one scene I always enjoy is the one in Bonds of Justice, where Kaleb helps Max getting to Bonner (who has kidnapped Sophia). About from the point where Kaleb teleports in the car... :D

Frances said...

When Brenna and Marlie play ball together, and Brenna starts to get over her phobia.

The scene when the Ghost shows Alice to Judd.

In Tangle of Need, when Aden says "we appreciate you're assistance" and Adria wonders how often the Arrows have ever been able to say that.

The moment on the battle field when Hawke looks around and says to Scienna that there is nothing to forgive.

In Mine to Posses, at the very end, when the kids are safe and they're speaking on the com to Santos, talking about schooling.

That moment when Lara and Toby are talking about his mother. She says, "You're mother loved you very much, I hope you will let me love you too." and Toby says "You already do. You love all of us kids, I know. But if you want to love me and Marlie especially, I wont tell"

Unknown said...

The pupcubs conversation makes me giggle every time.

Anonymous said...

Sacha's delivery when she explains how the baby feels.
Sophia asking if Max will remember her.
Judd and and all the arrow scenes.
The hints about how Nikita might really care about Sacha.
When Keenan went to Dorian instead of Judd.
When Hawke realized and explained what Sacha was- the E designation.

Anonymous said...

All the scenes with Clay and Talin, Vaughn and Faith, and Lara and Walker.
Love these couples <3

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoy when Ria stands up to Emmett and Annie is tough with Zach. Riley and Mercy courtship scenes are the best!

Anna said...

Mine to Possess

- Talin remembering Clay forced to play tea party.
- Her 'whispering' about his little problem.
- She comments about how 'big' he is and he tells her to tell everyone she knows.

Anonymous said...

Hawke and SIennas first dance under the moonlight *swoon*

The sences with Kaleb or Vasic on their own looking out over amazing scenery and the loneliness that radiates from lose sences.

The sence where Sascha tells Lucas that the wished he loved her so he would protect her in there shared dream.

That just a few of my fave:)

Anonymous said...

So many!
When Sascha realizes her dreams were real
Faith's illusions
When Ashaya mates with Dorian and he is dying, with everyone playing a role in saving his life- Sascha, Faith, Ashaya, Mercy
Judd helping Will
All the scenes showing Nikita cares about Sascha
Drew's campaign against Indigo, especially the cell phone ring tune
Naya's birth, and how Sascha always knows what she is thinking, especially when the baby kicks, wanting to know the secret :)

Anonymous said...

When Judd hides Ben.
When Riley realizes Mercy is pregnant.
After their first fight, when Walker realizes Lara was "talking" to him by wearing his favorite nightgown.
When Hawke calls Sienna "baby" at Wild.
When Riaz finally is able to prove his love to Adria in the scene at the park with the older couple.
I also liked the deleted scene "movie night" where we see Judd and Brenna choosing a movie to watch.