Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Jason's taken flight!

Archangel's Storm has hit cyber and physical shelves! I hope you all fall in love with Jason and Mahiya's story - and enjoy traveling to Archangel Fort. :-)

International & Audio Release dates

Australia - 11th
New Zealand - Due to a slight shipping delay, some stores may have it on the 12th, but all will have it on the 13th. HOWEVER, if you're coming to the Auckland Central Library Event on the 11th, the bookseller will definitely have copies available!!
UK - 13th

Audio - 17th

To the left are beautiful handmade bookmarks I've received from fans (you can see a tiny copy of the German cover for Angels' Blood), to the right seashells I picked up on a New Zealand beach not long ago. :)
I've asked readers to post fun photos of their books/ebooks on Facebook - swing by and have a look at the ones that are already up. If you're not on FB, but would like to share you photo, email it to me and I'll put it up on the blog.

Happy reading everyone!


Bella-Lee Heart said...

So excited!!! Can't wait to read all about Jason, he's my favourite character. :) -B

Anonymous said...

urgh i pre ordered this book from the book dipository as it is the only place in the uk that i can buy them from with the american cover and they never recieved any stock so i have paid for a book that may not come for ages

helen424 said...

I have to say that I hate having to wait until the 13th to read this! What are your publishers thinking. All the review blogs I read are from USA so they have read the book. I do not subscribe to book piracy but putting a book out so much later for one area than the other, is just asking for it IMO. I do wish publishers would wake up and co-odinate the release dates. I want all authors to get their royalties so they keep writing and such a large time gap is nuts

Anonymous said...


I loved this book! I loved learning about Jason's past and his HEA. I couldn't put it down....Can't wait for the next books in both of your series. I'm glad we will get more Raphael & Elena next year....can't wait to see who is next in the Psy Changling world..
Kristi Whynott

Amy said...

I enjoyed this book, and I'm looking forward to the next in the series. I particularly liked the fact that Jason wasn't yet another super alpha male and we didn't have another kick ass female. The fact that you can continue the terrific world building and write engaging and unique characters over the long course of a series is one reason you continue to be (and is currently the only) paranormal romance/urban fantasy author who remains on my autobuy list even when occasionally a book (like Tangle of Need) falls into the "just okay" category. I look forward to your next release.

mbot565 said...

Just finished reading Jason and Mahiya's story. I just fell in love with these two so much, I'm rereading it again. Thank you for taking us through their journey. Jason is sooo yummy and intense, I'm glad he found his HEA.

Anonymous said...

I just want to mention that there are a few great reviews about ASt under

Reading LeeAnn`s review made me LOL:

"(...)Naasir is so dangerous and animalistic, they might have to find his match in the zoo...or possibly one of the cat breeds from the Changeling world.(...)".

- OMG I want this book. Hopefully will deliver it soon.

Emily said...

I want more!!! I didn't think I could love another couple after Raphael and Elena but then I read archangels blade and fell in love with dimitri And honor I want more more more!! I love how it continues on in real time makes this series amazing cannot wait to read Jason's story. Ps please continue this series for another fifty books I would most certainly buy and read them all haha :) great work!!

Holly said...

Hey, I tried buy the Archangel's Storm on Kindle but it says it isn't released until the 13th. Is this a mistake or are Kindle books just not released until then? :(

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Holly - are you purchasing the UK /Aust/NZ edition? The UK publisher's release date for both print and ebook is the 13th.