Monday, September 03, 2012

Archangel's Storm Almost Out!

Sep 4th's almost here! I can't wait for Jason and Mahiya's story to hit the shelves.

A couple of quotes to tide you over. =)

Fingers tucking back a tendril of hair. "Yes?"
"I think," he said, reaching across to cup her chin, brush his thumb across her lower lip, "you must decide something tonight."

~ from Archangel's Storm

"Pulse a stutter in her throat, she gave a jerky nod and walked to lock the doors into her suite as he shut and locked the ones to the balcony. "I've--" Her words ended in a gasp, his chest pressed to her back, his head bent over the curve of her neck."

~ from Archangel's Storm

I know those of you in the UK, Australia & NZ, have to wait a little longer, so I'll be sending out a brand new long excerpt with the newsletter this week.

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. :-)


Anna said...

Such wonderful quotes...Thank you!

Must. Have. Soon! I ache for this book!

Anonymous said...

Hot!! So exciting. I cant wait until the 13th. Thanks Nalini for the quotes :)

Anonymous said...

Am halfway through the book. So good. The first paragraph...awh. Brilliant

Elaine - UK (Got mine from Book Depository - the American cover...bonus)

Anonymous said...

One more week to wait till amazone sends me mine.... :(

Sherri L. said...

Not much longer now! I can't wait

Anonymous said...

I am checking my kindle every hour til it shows. I may have to be very tired at work Tuesday but it will be so worth it.