Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interview, Smiles, & Newsletter

Hope you're all having a great week everyone! I have some links for you today.

I did an interview with Casey at Literary Escapism at the RT Convention, and it's now live. It's a long, relaxed interview, so hope you enjoy.

I posed this amazing link on Facebook yesterday, after finding it on Meljean Brook's blog, and thought I'd share it here as well: 21 Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity

And last but not definitely not least, the July newsletter went out earlier this week, with lots of news, including an update on Wild Invitation and a new excerpt of Archangel's Storm. If you missed it, you can now read it at this link. If you'd like to get the newsletter from now on, you can sign up on the Contact page of the website (on the bottom right).


Jordan said...

In the newsletter you said you would have pamphlets with an extended excerpt of Archangel's Storm for those that attend the signing at Anaheim Convention Center. In the future, would it be possible for those of us that can not attend to read this excerpt as well?

Thanks and can't wait for the Archangel's Storm come September

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Jordan - It may not be possible to post the whole four chapters online as it's a fairly long excerpt. But I'll see if it's doable. :)