Monday, July 02, 2012

For NZ Writers: RWNZ August Writing Workshop Press Release

I received this press release from RWNZ and thought it would be of interest to local authors. I've attended previous RWNZ workshops/conferences and always found them good value, so check the details out to see if it might suit you.

This press release is specifically for the Friday workshop. For the full conference schedule, head over to the RWNZ website. You can attend either or both.

Fiction-writing Dummy No Longer
A Day with Randy Ingermanson (The Snowflake Guy)
Calling all writers. It's time to learn how to get that inner novel into print.
Romance Writers of New Zealand is bringing Randy Ingermanson, the author of six novels and the bestselling book, Writing Fiction for Dummies, to New Zealand to present a full-day workshop. This will take place on Friday, August 24, from 9am to 5pm at Auckland's Crowne Plaza Hotel. Writers of all genres are welcome and encouraged to hear this world-class speaker guide them on the path to creating successful commercial fiction. The workshop consists of five sessions: Building Great Characters; Story Architecture; The Snowflake Method; Writing the Perfect Scene (divided into two parts); finishing with analyzing the popular book The Hunger Games.
Affectionately known as ‘America’s Mad Professor of Fiction Writing’, Randy’s passion is teaching people how to organize their writing lives, how to create fiction, and how to market that fiction to the reading public. The award winning writer says,“Great organization keeps you productive. Great creative skill will sell you to the publisher. Great marketing will sell you to the reader.”
Most people believe they have a novel in them waiting to be written and after spending a day with Randy that dream could become reality.
For more details and early bird discount bookings before July 13 go to
There are concessions for members of NZSA, KiwiWrite4Kids, SFFANZ and NZ Writers Guild.

Romance Writers of New Zealand Inc is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in romance writing and the romance genre, helping writers become published and establish careers by providing networking, support, information and resources.

Randy Ingermanson is the author of six novels and the bestselling book WRITING FICTION FOR DUMMIES. He is known around the world as “the Snowflake Guy” in honor of his wildly popular Snowflake method of designing a novel. Randy has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of California at Berkeley and still works half-time as a scientist for a biotechnology company in San Diego. He publishes the free monthly Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, with over 30,000 subscribers and sits on the advisory board of American Christian Fiction Writers. Randy lives in southern Washington State with his wife and daughters and three surly cats. Visit his web site at


Anonymous said...

Just checked the fees. Has anyone been to this and is it worth it? Not really a fan of the price....

Mer_Min said...

Yes, can you please tell me how much it is as well. pretty excited though. glad it's not that far and only at the city.