Thursday, March 08, 2012

Checking In

Fly by post today! How are you all? I hope March is treating you kindly.

Some linkage:

Friend and fellow author Yvonne Lindsay is giving away a copy of Archangel's Blade on her blog.

DABWAHA has kicked off. The voting hasn't yet started, but the the site is open for you to add your nominations to those already listed. Follow this link to read all about it. 

Check out this amazing collection of images created by Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin of his vision of the post-apocalyptic world.

Seen anything else interesting on the web lately? Leave the link in the comments. :-)


Unknown said...

Hi there,
March isn't treating me kindly AT ALL, I've got a terrible cold, even if the sun shines in Tuscany...and I've just finished "Angel's Flight", my copy arrived on Tuesday....I'm soooo sad I've already finished it, they're so wonderful love stories. Would you have released it for Valentine's Day, you'd have probably sold a billion copies! ^_^ I love all of them, I just can't decide which is my favorite...but I don't need to have one, have I? Can I just love them all??? =)

Talking of good links, have you ever seen this fantastic manga-style representation of the characters of the Guild Hunter Series?:
It was made on commission on this Deviantart website, I absolutely love it!!! They're so cute! =)

Anonymous said...

Penn State is on spring break this week, so my husband and I are visiting Philadelphia for a change of scenery. Today we took our boys to the zoo and saw, among other amazing animals, a huge black jaguar with golden eyes. Hmmm.

Here's a personal favorite music site on the web. Remember Hall & Oates? Well, check out Live From Daryl's House ( It's a free monthly web series featuring Daryl Hall and guest artists jamming in his home. Some of my favorite episodes: Matt Nathanson. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Neon Trees. Mayer Hawthorne. Diane Birch. Monte Montgomery. Nick Lowe. I have major love for Mr. Daryl Hall.

Cheers, Kate