Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Linkage & Writing

Science fiction romance author Marcella Burnard is guesting over at Oddshots, with an awesome post talking all about the adventure she's about to head off on.

The Book Reading Gals have posted their review of Kiss of Snow, plus they're giving away a backlist book. More review links to come soon!

We're having a guest on the blog tomorrow - Thea Harrison, writer of one of my favorite books of the year to date, Dragon Bound (releases May 3rd), so don't forget to drop by. Thea has a post up on Dear Author today, talking about her writing journey.

I'm working on Galen and Jessamy's novella - love these two. No specific release date yet, but it'll be out in 2012.


Madhura said...

Woohoo for Galen and Jessemy's novella!

Any chance you can make it a teeny bit longer than the typical novellas? Like maybe, 300+ pages? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great review! 27 more days!

-Sarah M.

Anonymous said...

Nalini, speaking of Galen and Jessamy's novella... I would love to read a titbit of Dmitri`s story. Could you arrange something?

Anonymous said...

Ah,I just can´t wait til the novella´s out, since I was really curious about the two of them ever since I´ve read about them in Archangel´s Kiss....but thank god we´re gonna get to read Kiss of Snow and Archangel´s Blade to make the wait a little bit easier.....oh, and I did read the review, waiting´s getting harder every day now so I just have to read ever tiny little bit I find about the book.....it´s just really sad and kind of dissapointing that the contest for the backlist book is only open to the US and Canada....again....