Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alpha Showdown & Kiss of Snow

The lovely Jaci Burton is giving away a copy of Kiss of Snow, so swing by and enter if you'd like to go in the draw. 

Smexy Books has posted up a new interview with me, along with another giveaway.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that Raphael is up against Kate Daniels in the Alpha Showdown. Go forth and vote.

(p.s. Who else is looking forward to Magic Slays? I'm so there!)


Anonymous said...

Haha,and yet another shot at a giveaway.....not that I think that I´ll win but I kinda keep hoping, so thanks for the many contests^^

Hope you have a great day!

LuigiGirlNZ said...

LOL, it was very hard to decide who to vote for! I'm loving the daily kisses, but they are starting to make me a little crazy! Only 7 more days for my Kindle order and I can't wait.

KOS & Magic Slays released within days of each other. I am in HEAVEN!

Nifty said...

Where I live KOS and Magic Slays have the same release date. I have to work on that day, but I've taken vacation for the next day so I can lie in my bed all day with my wine, my dog, and my Preciousssssses. (And no, I haven't decided which one I'll read first. Knowing me, I'll be really tempted to open KOS and scan for the first Hawke/Sienna sex scene. I'll try to refrain!)

alohahelper said...

I've pre-ordered both KOS and Magic Slays for my Kindle and here in Hawaii, it gets delivered at 9:01pm on MONDAY NIGHT! Woo hoo! But I'm not sure which one I'll read first. Too bad it's back to work on Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday on Monday.


Teena said...

I'm getting both books together.3 days to go.. yay :-)

Carrol said...

I'm definitely looking forward to Magic Slays along with KOS. I still haven't decided which one I'm going to read first, guess I'll just have to flip a coin!

Ravyn said...

I totally have a vacation day on Tuesday so I can read both books. Seriously fantastic timing. =)