Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open Letter

Dear Readers,

You are wonderful. Thank you for the awesome comments, e-mails, tweets, reviews and more about Archangel's Consort. I treasure each and every one.

:-) Nalini


Madhura said...

That was very gracious of you. Thank you!

I have Archangel's Consort at hand, but can't start reading it till this weekend. I love reading books with no/minimal interruptions so had to put it away till then. But its so hard to wait, have been sneaking in a page or two here and there.

coco said...

I loved this book!!! I love the steamy scenes with Elena and Rafael and I really enjoyed the interaction that Elena had with the members of the SEVEN. I am really dying to read the next book that involves these two!!! No Rush!!! lolol. I am intrigued by Jason and without any spoilers wish him nothing but the best and another reason to be!!!! ARRRRRGGGGHHH I have a question ( that I don't expect to be answered) but I will wait until the book has been out for a bit.

Diane said...

It is awesome! I've only read about 50 pages so far at lunch and at break and tonight I plan on reading most if not all of it.

Sabine said...

I devoured this book in less than a day! I loved every word in there. So looking forward to Dmitri's story and Illium and Jason and Aodhan and...well all the Seven really. Even Venom if he gets one :)

Candy said...


I just wanted to say I loved it so much! It was totally and completly worth the wait:) The only bad thing is, it left me with even more questions than I had before (I guess maybe that's not such a bad thing). The only thing I know for sure is Jeffery is the worst dad EVER!

The thought of Elena and Raphael having a baby was almost too much for me to handle:) I also loved the fact that nothing was predictable or what I expected. I can't wait to see where you take us next, wherever it is I know I'll love it!

Lola said...

It was such an amazing book, my faviourite so far! i got it and couldn't put it down till i was finished
stayed up nearly all night!

Anonymous said...

this book was one of the best books I have read so far. Everything about it was just wonderful. Elena and Raphael are really the best couple out there. Can't wait for the other books in the series.

Marnie said...

Dear Nalini,

Thanks for continuing to write great stories time and time again. WOW is all I can say about Archangel's Consort, this is one series that isn't losing steam. I truly am speechless over the Dancing like Angels scene -- read it a couple of times!!

Can't wait for the next installment. Hmmm-when is Bluebell getting his story? I would love to volunteer to be his heroine!!! (yummy)

Happy as a clam reader in NYC!
(owner of both digital and print copy -- that cover rocks!)

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic book......Thank You......

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful,too!

I love all of your characters, especial sexy Dmitri and Naasir.

Crissy said...

I love this book and I didn't stop reading till I'd finished it. Please continue writing your great books - I love both your series!!! Thank you!

ST said...

Finished the book last night.


When is Dimitri's book coming out? I have to wait how long????
I might die.

I love BlueBell and all the Seven actually.

Anna said...

OMGoodness! I finished it yesterday. Now the loooooonnnggg wait until Archangel's Blade. Gah!

The Guild Hunter world got so much bigger! Vivek, Aodhan, Jason, Hummingbird, Illium, Evelyn, Ash, Janvier, Raphael, Elena...There was plenty to titillate GH readers.

*holds up a large Guild Hunter fan sign in front of Publisher's building*

Berkeley Sensation!!! We want more!

kylie said...

And we appreciate having you as a master storyteller.

Teena said...

Jeffery is such a piece of work. Now we know where the hunter gene comes from. And the twist at the end. Didn't see that coming.

Ash and Janvier, i want to read that story. lol. We love your worlds. If i had a choice of living in the worlds you write, I don't think i could choose. I want to live in both.

Anonymous said...


A book in many ways is a best friend that ,those who don't read could ever get to know or love.
A great book doesnt merely divert and enthrall , it also becomes a life long companion.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Ms Singh that your books are the best paranormal out there...why make twilight into a film where they can get even more from your novels. Your novels encapsulate so many emotions ranging from complete lunacy to love. I truly admire you for that! It was more than an enjoyable read, you can see how much R and E relationship has evolved! Kudos for that!
The character that really makes me cringe is Jeffrey, there is one thing i don't understand:
Why does he hate the Guild hunters so much if it is the GUILD hunters that hunt vampires like Slater? If his hate is so consuming that he even broke his relationship with E why have a SON IN LAW as a vampire...?! oh well mysteries do add spice to your novels
GREAT NOVELIST! I hope you keep on writing you have an amazing gift! Thank you for making us readers happy!

lauraforever said...

Absolutely LOVE it so far! As I've said on Twitter, I'm only at Chapter 10, but I can't wait to continue this weekend!

Unknown said...

I finished this book in one night! I have to say I enjoyed it more than Archangel's Kiss and loved that we saw more of the Seven.
Now I'm counting down the months(!) to KOS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,

I've just finished Archangel's Consort and it was fab, fab, fab, the consolidation of the relationship between Raphael and Elena was so heart warming. I loved the interaction with the seven.

I'm truly grateful for every book you write

Tracey in the UK

Anonymous said...

Oooo... I really wish the discussion thread for this book was open!

I <3 this book, I wondered if Dmitri's heroine was going to be F-, but then I saw from the mini-excerpt Nalini provided that it he hadn't met his heroine yet, so it meant it couldn't be F-.

Can't wait for Aodhan's book, and Jason's and C-'s. Want to see if V- takes the opportunity Elena wants to provide. Want to see if the twist at the end somehow ties into one of the Seven. And don't get me started on Gwen!

Candy, I don't think Jeffrey is the worst dad ever, he just couldn't handle it and the way he choose to cope damaged Elena. I agree with Raphael's take on it.

Crystal Posey said...

Just finished! I LOVE! It makes me want to go back and reread book one... A third time.


Can't wait for KISS OF SNOW!

PeppyPilotGirl said...

You're very welcome but YOU are the awesome one. Not only do you create fantastic stories but you are the epitome of gracious warmth and openness. Your interaction with us, the readers, and that you seem to really value that interaction, means so much. Thank YOU for your writing and, well, just for being you!!

Maryadine said...

Loved this book! Fantastic job.