Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Stuff

I just found out that I've been nominated in the Bookie Awards, organized by the readers of the Authors After Dark Convention. Thanks everyone!

The nominations are for:

Anthology of the Year - Burning Up
Cross Genre Novel - Archangel's Kiss
Fantasy Novel - Archangel's Kiss
Series - Guild Hunter

Talking of Burning Up, I'm giving away a copy over on Oddshots. All you have to do is drop by and tell me what you think makes a good author website. Even if you don't want to enter the giveaway, I'd love your thoughts!

Also, the AAR Top 100 Romance Books ballot is now open. It's all about nominating your favorite romances, regardless of when the book was published.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

Helen G. says...




Helen G.

teena said...

!!!! Congratulations !!!!
I'm very happy for you.


orannia said...

Congrats Nalini!

Weekend was lovely thank you. My garden is slowly coming under control...I say slowly because it's like cleaning - you're never completely on top of it :) Hope your weekend at Armageddon went well?

Erin E. said...

Congratulations! That is great!

kylie said...

congrats, nalini!

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Yay! Congratulations!!

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks everyone!

@Orannia - yes, it was great!

Bella@BeguileThySorrow said...

YAY! COngratulations Nalini! :D
it's well deserved; and though I posted about it on oddshots, I thought I should post here too since it's here that u had the contest,and I was lucky enough to (shockingly!) win one of the Play of Passion arcs u gave away.I LOVE Play of Passion! I posted my review:


thanks so much:)
and much love,

Nalini Singh said...

Bella, I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for posting the review - I'm off to link to it :)

Anonymous said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Nalini!

@Bella: Thank you for your review! I think I`ll love Drew:-).