Thursday, October 07, 2010

Polish Cover: Angels' Blood

Here's the beautiful Polish cover for ANGELS' BLOOD (KREW ANIOŁÓW). The book is now out, so if you know someone in Poland, let them know! :-)


orannia said...

It is beautiful. I must confess to still loving your US covers the most :)

Anna said...

It's interesting seeing cultural marketing strategies on book covers. The angel model is incredibly lovely. Someone airbrushed her chest a bit much.

Look out Poland! Here comes one of the best paranormal romances written!

Helyce said...

European marketing has always caught me off guard. I was in France once and was surprised by all the nudity in commercials. Having said that, I like this cover, though I have to agree with Anna in that her boob area looks a bit, um, odd.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful cover!!!


in Germany

Unknown said...

Lovely cover, but I must confess the first thing that I noticed was the almost lacking boob. What's with the photoshoping/airbrushing, people?! LOL

@Lisa: I don't know about France, never paid attention, but you have to see the commercials in Eastern Europe! A lot of it is about nudity and sexy women. Really over the top sometimes.