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Guest Author: Erin Quinn

WINNER: Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I've just run the random numbers and the winner of Erin's giveaway is Cait045. Congratulations!!

I'm delighted to welcome Erin Quinn back to the blog today! I was lucky enough to read Haunting Warrior a little while ago, and thought it was a wonderful book - full of passion and magic. It just swept me away to another time and place.

If you'd like to read an excerpt, you can find one on Erin's website. However, I'd suggest reading Haunting Beauty first, as I think the books build beautifully on each other.

Please welcome Erin on the blog everyone! (And don't forget to enter her giveaway.)


Erin Quinn

Nalini, thank you so much for having me here at your blog. I’m a big fan and frequent visitor so it’s an honor to be a guest as well. You made my whole month when you contacted me to say you thought HAUNTING WARRIOR was awesome and you couldn’t put it down. I was at a writers conference and happy dancing all over the place. My roommate thought I was nuts . . . but then, she usually does think I’m nuts.

People have asked me what I loved about writing HAUNTING WARRIOR and my answer is simple. Rory. Rory is the amazing hunkus maximus you see on the cover and in my head when I was writing him—he was just as gorgeous. I fell in love with Rory almost from the first word. Readers met Rory when he was just a little boy in HAUNTING BEAUTY, but now he’s all grown up and he’s coping with a whole lot of trouble. He’s just traveled through time, following a woman he’s been dreaming of for weeks. Now he finds himself trapped in the body of another man—a man who could be his twin and who is about to marry Rory’s dream woman.

Saraid has agreed to marry a man she despises and fears because she is honor bound and prays the match will end the war on her people.

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes when she first begins to realize that the man she’s wed is not who she thinks he is.

Saraid took a deep breath when he lowered his head to kiss her, feeling dizzy and sickened and something else she could not define. As if sensing the turmoil inside her, he caught her gaze and held it for a moment, his searching, probing. She felt as if he were trying to say something with those enigmatic eyes, and for a flashing instant she felt again that sense of another lurking behind the sky blue of them. What a frightening mystery this man was, she thought.

And then his mouth settled over hers and thought fled. His kiss was warm and soft when she’d expected cold and hard. The touch of his lips gentle and coaxing when she’d prepared for rough and invasive. The kiss was brief, and yet it felt that time stopped for the length of it, giving her the chance to feel every nuance, every unexpected instant. It seemed he tried to pull back and then hesitated, allowing just another moment of the contact that shocked her like a hot ember popping from a blazing fire to burn her. With their hands bound and trapped between their bodies, Saraid could do little more than allow it. She’d be allowing so much more later, when they were alone.

He pulled away, just enough so that he could look into her eyes again, and she saw something there that she did not understand. Confusion that matched her own. A need—but not the kind she’d expected. Not lust, but longing.

Thanks again for having me, Nalini! I’d love to give away an autographed copy of either ECHOES or WHISPERS (books by me, writing as Erin Grady) to someone who leaves a comment! Tell me, what do you love best about the heroes you read? (Contest now closed).

Erin's Website


orannia said...

HI Erin! That is one gorgeous cover of Haunting Warrior and...I love the excerpt! I'm not really a time travel fan (I think it was Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure that did it :) but...I might have to give Haunting Beauty a try 'cause you've hooked me with the excerpt.

Ummm, the question. I like the dichotomy inherent in heroes - their capacity for tenderness and their capacity for...probably not the right word, but...violence.

All the best with the release :)

Bella@BeguileThySorrow said...

great excerpt Erin!!
As for heroes, I like tham strong and protective, but with the ability to give in to the right woman and be vulnerable too.

and I will be taking ur advice Nalini! I'm gonna get Haunting Beauty so I can catch up and read Haunting Warrior and enjoy all the nuances that make it deeper:)

becky Jean said...

I love when my hero loves and cherishes his love :) Becomes weak for her

Unknown said...

I love that the heroes I read are strong, gentle, kind and fierce. Untamed man beasts :)

I ♥ Book Gossip said...

I love that I can somehow connect with these heroes.

Please count me in.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

cait045 said...

I love reading about heroes that protect those they love. Loyalty to those who rely on them, responsiblity to those who can't take care of themselves, and are caring all the way through.


Michelle Santiago said...

hi erin! congrats on the new release! i love heroes that are strong, brave, take-charge men but when it comes to the heroine are total softies. also like heroes that have a vulnerable side.

runner10 said...

Hey Erin. Congrats on the new release. I love for my heroes to be strong and sensitive. A mix that I hope I have.

Diane said...

The way they make a woman feel. loved and cherished.

Erin Quinn said...

Hi Everyone and thanks for stopping by to say hi! It looks like we're all in agreement...we all want the same key a slightly different way, ha ha! Guess that's what makes us women, right? :)

Dani K said...

Hi Erin,
Great excerpt, those 2 books are going to my wish list. I like when heroes think MINE, mine to love, mine to protect... *sigh*

Erika said...

I love the wounded, protective type of hero. Tall, dark, and handsome works too. ;)

Gram said...

Heroes need to be strong at the right time and vulnerable when needed, loving and caring. Smart enough to figure out solutions without being too stubborn. Willing to go the extra mile when needed.

Carol L. said...

Hi Erin,
I can't wait to read the two Haunting books. That cover on Haunting Warrior is just beautiful. :)I think it's the depth and intense loyalty they have for those they love and the hurt they have suffered somewhere in their past that enable them to empathize. They appear hard, cold and insensitive to most people but once they find a mate they'll protect and love them forever. And of course they look like HW's cover. :)
Carol L.

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

Hi Erin! Just stopping by to say that although the cover of HW is amazing, the story within is even more so!

Ducky said...

Hey Erin (and Nalini,)

I love the cover of this book, and it sound like it is right up up alley! I have to admit that I have never read any of your books Erin, HOWEVER, I was looking at them on Amazon the other day and my interest was certainly sparked and now that you have the Nalini Singh sign of approval, well......I think I am going to have to add you to my "authors to buy" list AND you will be on the top. I know when an author I love and read over and over, like Nalini, Gena Showalter, P.C. Cast and Kristen, give praises to an author I haven't read yet(and their opinions are GOLD), I feel the need to add them to my "authors I read list". I mean who better to tell the truth about a book than another author (and a favorite one at that).

Please add my name to your contest and even if I don't win you will be on my next Amazon order. Are your books on audio too? If so it will be a double purchase because I love to listen and read along with the narrator (as I've said countless time on my favorite author blogs). It puts me in a zen state and I really get into the world the author has created.(It also blocks out the LOUD sound of the PC zombie killing video games my husband loves to play).

Thanks Nalini for having Erin on your blog!!

Ducky (

Ducky said...

OH I forgot to tell you about the type of heroes I love to read. I love heroes who love their women for who and what they are, be it short, tall, thin, or with some curves, and they have a tender side in all that strength they possess, and don't have the "I'll love you more if..... attitude" They have a confidence in the women that love them, and are not so stupidly jealous that they feel the need to beat up any guy who happens to look at their women. (once in a while is okay just not all the time).
ducky (

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin, nice to meet you again on Nalini`s website. I like your titbit:-).

And to answer your question:
I like strong, protective and determined heroes who don`t hem their heroines personality.

P.S.: Is there a possibility that your books will be translatet in German?

Laura Wright said...

Hi Erin,

Can't wait to check this series out! I love a great Time Travel! And a beautiful cover too..

My favorite type of hero is super dark, horrible history that can only be healed with the help/love of the heroine..

Erin Quinn said...

You all are soooo nice! Thanks so much for the congrats and the great comments! I think I love Nalini's fans. :)

I hope if you do end up reading my books you'll shoot me a note and let me know what you think!

maered said...

Hi Erin! Your books look great. I'd love to win a copy! :)

I think the most important quality in a hero is honour. If a hero doesn't have that, then I cannot respect him, and he falls into jerk territory.

Congrats on your release!

Chelsea B. said...

I love how, as your hero seems to be, the hero is never what he at first appears! I think true discovery of each other in romance is one of the best parts :-)

Roxanne said...

Intelligence, loyalty and confidence are traits I find attractive in my romance book heroes.

Thanks Nalini and Erin for the contest.
Good luck to everyone!

Amber Scott Books said...

My copy is supposed to arrive today! I can't wait to get it in my greedy hands. I devoured Haunting Beauty.
I love a hero who chooses others needs above his own. I love a fierce hero.

Midnight said...

I love the fact that they are unperfect, they had flaws but work against the odds to make the right

Ang from Oz said...

Hi Erin & Nalini,

Thanks for the great contest! I must admitt Erin, your book covers are lovely!

I like a type of hero who has a little bit of bad, he is strong, loyal, and proctective. But I do like a bad boy image!

Donna Del Grosso said...

I can't wait to read Haunting Warrior either. Haunting Beauty is a wonderful book. I know I've told you before that your books make me want to go under the covers and go absolutely nowhere until till I'm finished. =)
Good Luck!!!!

Jaded Bee said...

Can't wait to read it in full! It promises to be a steamy read!

The traits I like best in my heroes is their bravery, their tendency to be ruthless (but push-overs when it comes to their female) and their need to do anything in their power to keep and protect those they love.

If only men these days had at least one of those qualities...

Anonymous said...

WHOA, Erin---love that cover! I cant wait to DEVOUR (oops, I mean READ!) this one!
As for heroes, I love that they can be tough and tender all in one hunk of a package!

Hugs, Kari Thomas

YzhaBella's BookShelf said...

Great interview Erin! Thank you for sharing! I've bot read any of your books yet. But I am certain to now!

What I love about the hero's I read about is that they very often offer a "solace" of sorts. When you day hasn't been that great or you've just not been feeling "up to snuff" reading about a hero's trials and subsequent victory can be fun and uplifting!

Please enter me.

Kate (aka YzhaBella)

MinnChica said...

Hi Erin!! I love my heroes to be a little gruff and tough. The "Alpha" man totally does it for me. :D

Nicole S.

Nalini Singh said...

WINNER: Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I've run the random numbers and the winner of Erin's giveaway is - Cait045


Erin Quinn said...

Cait045--send me an email with your address and let me know which book you want to read--Echoes or Whispers. :) congratulations and thanks to everyone who came to say hi!

Thanks again for having me, Nalini!

orannia said...

Congrats Cait and thank you Erin!