Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gothics & Bad Men

First up, a reminder - the Kiwi Triple Treat contest closes soon so have a look if you haven't already.

Second, it's a really cold day here today and I don't like the cold. Brr. Plus it's gloomy. Just the right kind of weather to write a creepy gothic with a hero you're not sure is good or bad, and a heroine who opens the door when you just know the monster's down there. Don't do it, you're screaming, but you want her to open that door just the same...

No, I'm not really writing a gothic but they are fun to read. What's the attraction do you think?
Is it because the hero is the ultimate bad boy? Or is it because a gothic is often purposefully so over the top that the writer can get away with (and the reader can indulge in) total fantasy scenarios?

(Oh and the photo on the right is just for a certain blog visitor *cough TESSA* who has stated a decided prefererence for this gorgeous man. Gosh, he's all sweaty and wet...anyone want to wipe him down? *grin*)


Emma Sinclair said...

*Raises hand*

I'll wipe him down!

I'm sorry, did you ask another question?

Nalini Singh said...

*giggle* I don't know - I think I'm suffering from hunk-induced memory loss!