Thursday, October 12, 2006

Search Engine Hits

According to Statcounter, these are some of the things people typed into search engines to get to my blog or website.
  • nalini singh model - of course this is I dahlinks!
  • ma cherie - methinks you should go to a French site instead.
  • text message synopsis of pride and prejudice - why would you squish this beautiful story down into a text message? Why?
  • mean redheads - um, okay.
  • pale pink dress - this one I totally don't get.
And the coup de grace....
  • leashed slave
Got any search engine stories of your own to share?


Anonymous said...

The funniest one I've had is "bo duke getting a spanking on the dukes of hazzard". *g*

Shelli Stevens said...

Hmmm I get lots of bizarre ones.

Hey I had to say Nephele was at the Seattle conference this weekend and yours was one of the few books she was pimping. I was like "She's a diva!"

Kati said...

Hi Nalini - I'm about half way through SLAVE TO SENSATION and am genuinely blown away by it. I can already tell this is a book I'm going to end up finishing and starting right back over.

Sorry to gush like a fan girl, but I'm always thrilled to find a new author. I've been gushing about the book over at Romance By The Blog (not sure if you've ever heard of it). Anyway, I just wanted to say what wonderful talent I think you've got and I'm thrilled I found the book! I'm crushed that I'm going to have to wait for the next in the series.

Anonymous said...

this one cracked me 'failure' see what you get

Btw Nalini, I LOVE 'Slave to Sensation'. Its on my autobuy list, and let me tell you this, i read gzillions of books but buy only a tiny fraction of those...and i'm going to be waiting to buy your next book:D

Nalini Singh said...

Er Tori - what exactly do you write about on your blog? *G*

Shelli - thanks for telling me that! Nephele is the coolest agent. And divas rule!

Marykate and Jaya - thank you! I love, love, LOVE hearing from satisfied readers.

Marykate, yup, I've heard of Romance by the Blog. Thanks for pimping StS :)

Jaya - LOL!

Btw - not too long to go on Visions of Heat now. I got the copyedited manuscript today!

Anonymous said...

All-righty, then! That means a nice, juicy, long excerpt, right? Right? Please say yes!

Anonymous said...

Well, I darn sure have never talked about Bo Duke and spankings in the same post! *g*

Nalini Singh said...

LOL Jennifer! I'm hoping to send out an excerpt to the mailing list after I finish this round of edits on book 3 as well as the copyedits. :)


Vivi Anna said...

Here are some of mine:

Vivi Anna - ah yeah, that's right!

nekkid blogs - hmm, not lately

nevermore - okay, I'm certainly not Edgar Allan Poe

macalister jamie - nope, not her either

It's always amazing how people arrive at my site.