Friday, December 23, 2005

First Postcard from the Hip Edge

So here I am in the big, bad city that is Tokyo. I must say that my mind has been boggled more than once since getting here. Here are a few of the things I've learnt so far.

# Going against the flow of traffic at rush hour in a major subway station is not even a question. Ever.

# Every second person has some sort of label accessory. (I admit to a certain cluelessness about such things but one of my travelling companions knows all and is constantly playing 'spot the Chanel / Gucci / Prada / Coach...' game).

# Most of the men on the street are hipper than I am. (This actually is painful to admit but how can I not after seeing a man with a cool handbag, a designer wallet and pants so painfully hip, they were about to fall off?)

# Two-inch mini-skirts with sky-high boots are all-weather gear.

# Tokyo knows how to do Xmas! The decorative lights here at night are so fantastic, you have to see to believe. I'm hoping my shots come out well so I can share it with you all - the city at night is a true wonderland. (And yes, sometimes you do feel as if you've dropped down a rabbit hole).

Hope you're all having a great time wherever you are. More postcards to come!


Laura said...

A man with a cool handbag? Oh dear.

Laura said...

Came back to wish you a Merry Christmas, Nalini.

K.A.S. said...

Merry Christmas Nalini. Hope to see those pictures soon - I'm fascinated with Tokyo, hope to get to see it myself someday.

Nalini Singh said...

Merry Xmas Laura and Karen!! :)

Shakoo said...

Season's Greetings! :-)

However, it does make one wonder if they sell eggnog in cans in japan as well? :-)

Nalini Singh said...

Don't know if they even know what eggnog is here...hmm, I don't even really know what eggnog is!