Thursday, January 28, 2010

Story Casting

The folks at StoryCasting have added my books to their site - it's all about choosing who you'd cast in a movie of the book(s). Fun!


Anna said...

I can see Gerard Butler as Raphael. I can almost visualize Daniel Craig but he's blond. As for Elena, I don't know who Piper Perabo is. Thanks for sharing!

Louise said...

I loved the website!
Very original ;)
The male characters for me are the hardest to find...
I always imagine Faith as Christina Hendricks from Mad Man.Maybe Danneel Harris as Mercy? But I find it really hard to picture Sacha...(Jessica Alba maybe?)
What do you think?

Christina said...

Yay! I asked them to add your books to their lists! I have no idea who I would cast, but I enjoy reading other people's. Kresley Cole's IAD series has several so far.