Thursday, January 07, 2010

The AWOL author returns

Latest draft of book done, sent to agent.

Plan for rest of today.
  • Collapse
  • Watch TV
  • Update blog
  • Nap
  • Read celebrity gossip magazine (it's the edition with the best & worst ballgowns)
  • Answer e-mails
  • Send out bookmarks as requested (this may be done in conjunction with TV watching above)
  • Tidy ( this really so important?)
  • Nap some more
So, what's on your to-do list?


Courtney said...

Husband, kids, and I just got back from a two week trip to California, so my Thursday to-do list involves a lot of unpacking, organizing, picking up the mail, etc. I'm also going out tomorrow night for sushi and knitting group.

Diane said...

Work early, left late, then shower and bed, too tired to even read tonight, I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Madhura said...

Work and then home for a nice meal. So, which book was the draft of? Is it Hawke/Sienna's book? :D

Madhura said...

By the way, am a huge fan of Best and Worst dressed magazine editions. In fact that is one of the reasons I go to this particular salon, she always has the latest gossip mags, LOL.

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

Hmm...finish work in less than an hour, go grocery shopping, eat a late dinner, read, possibly play video game for an hour before bed...that's about it.

Tomorrow is my first day off in a week, so I am going to write ALL day long...and finish my current read. Oh, and go to the theatre to watch Avatar for the 5th time. : D

Bridget Locke said...

Bridget's To Do List:

1. Survive week
2. Survive week w/ brain intact
3. Survive week w/o whimpering
4. Try to remember my name when answering phones ('s my job).
5. Survive week basically this week's been hell. Obvious, no? :)

orannia said...

Congrats Nalini! I love looking at the best and worst ballgowns!

Today I weeded the whole entire garden (I have to go and water said garden now :) and cleaned out the laundry cupboard. Tomorrow I have to go food shopping and clean the house, then I can relax for the whole weekend before my first day back at work on Monday :( Oh, relax = read and watch Stargate Universe :)


Cherry said...

New York in a few hours:
Meeting with old friends (and new)
Large hotel room
Ice skating
Sherlock Holmes

Charles said...

hve lunch
any hobbies or guilty pleasures you have Nalini?
Is the draft for Hawke's and Sienna's book as Madhura asked??!!!
Lol tiring week for me can't wait to take a bath and relax :D

Denise said...

dogsitting @ parents house, what a bore! as that dog is so afraid of other people I won't see him all day ... guess lots of reading & sitting in front of computer instead of taking him out into the snow.

Anonymous said...

1) Just finished my late consultation-hour and came home from work.
2) Greeting my husband and Hänsel & Gretel (our Australien parrot`s).
3) Checking my e-mails and a few web-sites.
4) Start to find something eatable and than I`ll try to relax (and not to think about going again to work in less than 12 hours).

Anonymous said...

Shoveling.. just got 12 more inches.At least got a snow day out of it. now if it weren't for the low single digit temps and well below zero wind chills(gotta love those 20 to 40mph winds)we'd all go out and play.....

Nadia said...

This is just a random thought that goes through my head whenever i hear Black Eyed Peas-Meet Me Halfway. That this makes you think of Star Kissed. I just end up picturing the whole story in my head whenever the song is playing. Does any1 else who has heard that song also get that thought or is it just me? . . . Hopefully not being weird. . . Again ;-)

Nalini Singh said...

Nadia, I hadn't heard/seen the music video for that song so I went and had a look. I can absolutely see why you associate it with "Star Kissed!"

Nalini Singh said...

Sorry, I missed the question about the draft earlier - it was Indigo's book :)

But Hawke is in it *grin*

Madhura said...

Yay.. I am all for having Hawke in every book you write. In fact, how about a Changeling alpha buddy for the angels? ;)

parsa said...

I agree with what Madhura said. :P
I am watching the movie "3 idiots" for the 4th time. :D
Its clearly one of the best Hindi movies of 2009. Has anyone else seen it???

Madhura said...

I did parsa. Loved it. Isn't it hilarious and true at the same time? One of the best pics I've ever seen.