Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guest Author: Jory Strong

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I'm so pleased to have the lovely Jory Strong guest on the blog today! (Aren't her covers gorgeous?!)

Jory's giving away copies of either
Ghostland or Spider Touched, to two random winners. Leave a comment by Friday 31st July, 12 noon, New Zealand time, to enter.

Everyone, please welcome Jory to the blog :-)


First, thanks to Nalini for inviting me to post on her blog. I'm a huge fan of her writing so it's an absolute thrill to have been asked!

Spider-Touched, my second book with Berkley releases August 4. You'd think by this point (it's my 32nd published story), I could kick back and just be excited, taking a “no worries” approach.

Hah! I wish.

Some authors liken the creative process to giving birth, and the end result to a baby introduced to the world on release day. I see it more as stepping out of the house naked just when a crowd happens to be gathered to take a good look.

Hmm…maybe my erotic romance roots are showing here :-)

Talk about feeling exposed and vulnerable! Still, despite the wide range of emotions that come with the territory of being an author, from the amazing highs to the terrible lows, and the roller-coaster ride connecting those two points, I can't imagine not writing.

Authors are always asked where their ideas come from. Up until Ghostland, all of my published stories (and yes, I have a cabinet full of unpublished ones in other genres) were erotic romances. I still love writing erotic romance and don't see myself quitting, but with each new story I found myself spending more and more time on world building, and in wanting to delve into questions and realities that don't necessarily lend themselves to the erotic romance genre.

Ghostland, Spider-Touched and my current work-in-progress are the result of a desire to grow in a different direction and to explore a post-apocalyptic fantasy world by asking: What would it be like if humans no longer ruled as a result of their sheer numbers, their weapons and their technology? What kinds of societies would they form, especially if the supernaturals no longer needed to hide their existence? And what if there was a war brewing between ancient, unseen enemies (angels and Djinn) for who will ultimately control Earth--and the heroes and heroines who find love and want their own “happy ever after” unknowingly play a part in preparing for that war?

In Ghostland, a Djinn prince and a gifted human shamaness are faced with an unbearable choice. Follow their hearts or stay true to their honor and risk losing an eternity of pleasure.

In Spider-Touched, for an enslaved angel whose memory and power are denied him, and a human who is more than she seems, learning the truth of what they are will destroy them unless their love is strong enough to overcome the dark legacy of a battle that began with the birth of mankind.

I love spending time in this post-apocalyptic world and hope readers will too! Some of the characters in Ghostland do make an appearance in Spider-Touched. And the heroine of my current work-in-progress plays an important role in Spider-Touched. She's a human healer matched, in her own story, with a Jaguar shapeshifter. Love those big cats! Especially Nalini's :-)

What about you? When it comes to a hero, what's your absolute favorite to read about? Human (with or without paranormal abilities)? Vampire? Shapeshifter (what kind)? Angel? Other?


orannia said...

Welcome Jory! I have yet to read Ghostland, but I love the idea of balance of power shifting...and the struggle to fill the vacuum!

As for what sort of really depends on the hero and what they bring to the table (so to speak :) What I mean is, it is not what they are but who they are...if that makes sense :)

All the best with the release of Spider Touched!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Aug 4 and Spider-Touched!

A hero... ummm... MUST I choose? All of the above, please. :-)


Una said...

Wow, now I understand the comments about covers. Those covers are beautiful! Thank you for being a guest author Jory and welcome! The premise of your new series is intriguing and I'm thrilled to see we have both books at my local library, I will certainly pick them up!

As to your question, I agree with Orannia, it's the personality of the hero that grabs me. His thoughts, his goals, his internal struggles or challenges. However, I will say it's just a sweet bonus if he hold some supernatural or paranormal characteristics! =)

Please enter me in the contest for either book. Thank you!!

TXBookjunkie said...

Jory - I loved Ghostland, and I plan to pick up Spider-Touched when it hits the shelves (unless I win a copy). I like the supernatural heroes (although I'll take the human ones too - with or without paranormal abilities). I tend to lean towards the shifters - it's always interesting to see how the author incorporates the animal aspects of the character with their human side and vice versa.

Paula said...

I don't have a clear favorite, I like a variety of creatures. lol

celi.a said...

Before Nalini started her Guild Hunter series, I definitely would have said that shape-shifters were my favorite. Now, though, I can't wait for more angels!
I love all sorts of fantasy creatures, and heros, though, so your djinn/angel mix sounds awesome. Thanks for coming by!


Kristine said...

It really doesn't matter to me, as long as I can like the hero. As long as the hero is a good peron., I generally like him.

Greta said...

I just wanted to come by and say hi to Jory. My favorite heros are currently demons and dragons.

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Hi Jory!

I like other bloggers here today love a variety too.

Please count me in for giveaway.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

macbeaner said...

I fluctuate depending on the story. I have a couple of fav heroines. But I'm guessing a tough, shifter or witch heroine are my top favs.

Karen W. said...

Welcome, Jory! I have GHOSTLAND in my TBR pile, and I just love the cover!

My favorite heroes are of the supernatural/paranormal kind, especially sexy vampires. :)

Diane said...

That's so hard to decide; it really depends on my reading mood at the time. I certainly read a lot of paranormals and my preference are shapeshifters and vampires but I also read many romantic suspense book where the heroes are very human. I guess I just love reading about a great hero

Amy S. said...

I love heroes with paranormal abilities. I like to read shifters, vamps, ghosts, and psychics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jory,

Love all your books...

Now heros....that's hard to say...probably shapechangers (dargons, wolves, and cats) are my favorite. They arrogant, alpha-males, who always stand by their women!

Jory Strong said...

Thanks for the welcome everyone! I myself tend to go on binges when it comes to type of hero, but the one kind I always cycle back to are vampires.

Jory Strong said...

@TXBookjunkie--I'm so glad you enjoyed Ghostland!

Pamk said...

Hi Jory, I have read Ghostland yet but its on my tbr list. It's a very interesting premise. And if its as good as your erotic romance then I know this one will rock too.

Jennifer K. said...

Yay, Jory! Welcome to Nalini's site. I can't wait for Spider-Touched to release and I'm intrigued by the third one in the series, as well. Keep writing!

As for heroes, I like humans with paranormal abilities and shapeshifters. Absolutely!

Anonymous said...

I also like a variety of heroes.Boring always reading about one type.

please enter me in the giveaway


Erika said...

I'm a big fan of shapeshifters or other paranormal heros. My favorite is Nalini's Lucas.

Fuarie Ai said...

Welcome Jory ^^ Your covers are so pretty.

As for my favorite type of hero..Well it really depends but mostly I like vampires. However throw a elf in there or two and I will not complain.

Missy Ann said...

I've read most of your Ellora's cave books. I LOVE them! And I do have Ghostland wish listed. One of these days I'll own all the books I want. *snort*

Lizzielvr said...

Hello Jory! I loved Ghostland, the visuals of the "future" were great. Can't wait for Spider Touched!

I love human heros that gain abilities, it's kind of like the underdog winning to me!

kylie said...

Welcome Jory - the covers are scrumptious. I've not read your books but now I better hop on your site to gather intel. Leave it to Nalini to introduce me to new authors. :)

ThatBrunette said...

I don't know if I have a preference to what the hero is as much as the type of hero. (I don't think that was a real sentence) I like confident men. I think confidence in and out of bed can be sexy. I also like intelligence.

Nonny said...

Ghostland is in my monstrous TBR pile. :)

I'm a fantasy reader primarily, so I like my heroes of the paranormal persuasion. I didn't actually start reading romance until paranormal became more popular, because I just had no interest in sheikhs or cowboys or CEOs or Navy SEALS.... give me a good dark paranormal hero, though, and I'm set! ;)

donnas said...

Welcome. Great post.

I love to read about just about any hero especially those that are related to the paranormal in some way, whether it be human, vampire or shifter.

I have been wanting to read Ghostland since it came out but havent had the chance to get a copy yet. It looks great and now I really need to go get it since theres a second one that looks just a great.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Soullumination said...

I can't wait to read Ghostland & Spider-Touched!
And I agreee with other posters - the artwork is phenomenal!

I love worlds that weave a variety of beings (paranormal, supernatural, human - whatever) into the story. (Hello Nalini's books.)
So many possibilities!

As for the type of Hero I prefer that's easy - all of them!

I love a guy who has a personal 'style' and rocks it! Whether he's a shape-shifter, military man, vampire, shaman, demon, angel, etc.
As long as he's strongly charaterized by his 'style', I'm in!

jeanette8042 said...

I have an affinity for vampires and just love reading books with them in it. Loving the book covers too!

Zhan said...

Hi Jory! I love your Supernatural Bonds series. As to the kind of hero I prefer, for me it really doen't matter except how well the author brings the hero to life.

Rebecca said...

Very excited for these books!

I must say, I'm really into the angel as hero idea, lately :)

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Jory and Nalini,
Oh I so wanna start this series. I have wanted ever since I saw that first cover, just stunning and haunting.

I have mostly just come across vampires and werewolves, not angels, demons or other things yet. Well some fairies. I can't say what I will think of those yet, but today I would go for the wolf, rough and manly. In the mood for that

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be looking into these--they look fascinating!

As for heroes--I have a soft spot for shapeshifters, and love angels (wings! wings!)--but I find the Other especially fascinating. I love stories that make the difference between mortal and Other pronounced and the interactions showing the contrast, although the only author I've read that decisively manages it is Michelle Sagara.

pattepoilue said...

Welcome Jory =)
I've heard only good things about Ghostland , it is on my to-read list
as for the question:
I long as the main character is really interesting they can be anything,I don't discriminate. I like to be surprised too so anything new is welcome


maered said...

My favourite kind is shapeshifters. I think it's so cool if a hero can change forms. (But I don't mind any other kind, either!)

Missy said...

Welcome Jory...I enjoyed Ghostland and I am looking forward to Spider Touch!

As far as a hero...any Alpha male will do but lately I have had a thing for demons and dragons.

Have a great day!

Alisha said...

Welcome Jory,

I am a huge fan of yours and love all your books. Keep up the great work.

Now when it comes to heroes it really depends. My first love was vampires but I've fallen in love with shapeshifters as well as humans with abilities. It really depends on the story and the role they play. I loved Ghostland, the way you described things made it really easy to visualize your concepts. I have already pre-ordered Spider-touched because you are on my automatic buy list.

Amelie Markik said...

Welcome Jory! I also have Ghostland on my TBR stack. I'm currently trying to make my way through a bunch my mom lent me so I can get them back to her, so I've abandoned my own stack for now. I truly can't wait to read Ghostland.

It sounds like it's been a very fulfilling experience to be able to expand your horizons as an writer and have it be so well received. Clearly you're doing it right! :)

As for heroes, it seems like I'm with many others here - it doesn't matter if he's super-natural, so long as I can like him and he's got some redeeming qualities. I do looooove Nalini's big cats though (And Judd. mmmmm Judd), and now her angels. And Ilona's Curran and Derek and... Ironically, while I like reading about vamps, they're not my favs - I think I like my man-meat a bit more... living. :)

Ashley said...

My fav type of hero would be Hawke :P

but other than him I tend to lean towards the uncommon ones ( or at least they use to be lol) angels, dragons, and demons. My first love is still vamps though.

Mina Wolf said...

Welcome Jory, Ghostland and Spider-touched sound great. Would love an opportunity to win those!

karima said...

Hello Jory,

I haven't read any of your books yet but from what you said it sounds very attractive and interesting so I will be reading them soon. Especially now that Archangel's Kiss won't come out until February 2010 :-).
My hero can be an Angel with human feelings or a very special vampire, a shapeshifter is also good but he needs to be a cat :-).

Good luck for the new release and please write more of the paranormal stories.

KJsGrrl said...

I'm in the "other" category. I like the idea of men from another planet as the hero. But on occasion, I too fall for a Dark River panther. LOL

CrystalGB said...

Hi Jory. Your books sound great. I like all kinds of heroes. Especially strong alpha males.

Gail said...

I'm supposed to chose? That's like asking for a single favorite book. Not gonna happen, I'll read anything that looks interesting to me (excuse me while I update the TBR pile with Ghostland).

flip said...

my favorite heroes are actually humans. I like a very masculine, strong hero. Among the paranormals, I love werewolves and fae.

Ann said...

Hi Jory,

for me my favorite hero has to be engaging and doesn't treat his heroine like she a child. He has to respect her and be willing to relinquish control when necessary. As far as favorite type, a have a soft spot for wolf shifters. :)

Continued success in all of your endeavors.

Ann N

Noel said...

The covers of both books are beautiful and eye-catching. As to the hero, I have no preferences as to whether he is human or other, but I do like a hero who is a little dark -- makes them more interesting.

Jory Strong said...

The cover gods definitely blessed me with respect to Ghostland and Spider-Touched. Then they moved on to Nalini for Archangel's Kiss! Wow. That's an amazing cover.

*ina* said...

Hi Jory,
it's great to see you here :)
Is it really your 32nd published story? can't believe it - I have a lot of books to buy ;)

Your question is hard to answer.. but honestly, I love angels and their wings *dreaming*

and yes, Nalini, here covers are gorgeous!

Best wishes to both of you!

Jessica Kennedy said...

Hi Jory!

I'm about half way through Ghostland but I did put it aside to read some other books. :(

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the second installment! That would encourage me to finish Ghostland. :)

Erin said...

Hi Jory! I haven't read Ghostland yet. It's on my TBR list. I gaze longingly at the gorgeous cover whenever I see it. I'm looking forward to it.

As for there ever a bad sort of hero? Or is that just me? I will say that after lurking through some twitter conversation regarding zombies, I definitively am NOT interested in that!

azteclady said...

Welcome, Ms Strong!

Absolute favorite? ack!

I don't know--it always depends on the writer, you know? *biting nails*

Sorry, no can do.


Jory Strong said...

@ Pamk--Thanks for the kind words. Ghostland is fairly erotic, though not an erotic romance, so I think you'll enjoy it.

@Missy Ann and Zhan--I hope you'll enjoy Ghostland/Spider-Touched as much as my Ellora's Cave works.

Jory Strong said...

@Missy, Lizzielvr and Alisha. I'm so glad you enjoyed Ghostland!

Darcy Jo said...

Thanks for coming by, Jory. Your stories sound amazing! Now I have more books I have to go find. I think I keep my neighborhood Borders afloat all on my own!

As for my heroes . . . angel angel angel!! Well, scratch that, I don't care if he's an angel as long as he has wings! What can I say? They are my weakness. Now, if I can't find big, winged men, I do love my dragon and big cat shifters. And men in kilts. Ok, narrowing this down is harder than I thought :-\

Jory Strong said...

@Ina, yep, 32. Sometimes I can't believe it myself and have to wander over and count covers on my site :)

I could wallpaper a room with the rejection letters I accumulated prior to getting "THE CALL" (or more accurately, THE E-MAIL).

Christina said...

Thanks, Jory! Especially for all the suggestions from Friday's Book Club ^_^ Ghostland is a book I have been trying to get my hands on-- I fell in love with the cover.

I adore the alpha hero, whether they are human, shapeshifter, or some other creature. I would fight the heroines for Iain or Ramsey (Julie Garwood), Adam Black (Karen Marie Moning), Reyes (Gena Showalter), or any of Nalini or Kresley Cole's wonderful men. All are alpha men who are handsome, protective, charming (well, in their own way ^_^) who has his own internal struggles. And they usually find a way of making an ass of themselves for their heroine.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Jory! I haven't gotten the chance to read Ghostland just yet but it is definitely on my list--primarily because of the cover alone! After your interview it's definitely been bumped up on my list.

As for what type of hero... its really hard to say, can I say I love them all?

Best of luck on the next release!

Diane M. said...

Do I have to chose?? As long as the hero fits the story.

tetewa said...

My favorite genre is Paranormal and I'm all about the vamps. I'm always looking for new authors and series to read in this genre. I have a copy of Ghostland and enjoyed, looking forward to the latest release!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Ghostland yet, but it sounds fantastic.

I love a good, strong alpha male who has a soft side to him. My favorites are human with paranormal abilities or shape shifters.

KellyS said...

Wow...those books sound great, they are on the wishlist now:) I am always so happy to have another author to read! I love paranormal romance and thought that vampires would always be my first choice, however I am getting a soft spot for demons, angels, weres, and witches's just too hard to pick just one anymore!

Has said...

Hey Jory!

I loved Ghostland and I am looking forward to Spider Touched. I think you were really blessed by the book cover fairy.

I have to say my weakness for heroes who are shifters. My faves just cant choose one is Adam/Sam from Mercy series and Curran from Kate Daniels series :D

Chelsea B. said...

WOW, your books sound amazing, Jory! I love reading about worlds that are so different from our own.

As for the hero....I love having a supernatural edge, so I would definitely have to say I'm more of a vampire, angel, shape-shifter type girl!

kimi said...

I love vampires!!! I love sci fi/fant because the world and people are just magical.

LouiseD said...

Spider Touched sounds great, I think that's going on my TBR list.
As for hero types, it's the man they are not their power (or lack of) that make them compelling for me.

Nat said...

Hi Jory!
Your covers are gorgeous!
I have no paticular preference when it comes to the heroes...I just love it when they're mysterious bad boys,always makes the stories more interesting, lol.

Midnight said...

very excited for you jory.


Elise said...

I really enjoyed Ghostland. Yay for Bay Area settings even post apocalyptic ones.

Hero wise I think I'm hooked on cat shifters atm but humans with some type of magic are great also.

Jory Strong said...

@ tetewa, Has, and Elisa--I'm thrilled you enjoyed Ghostland.

Jory Strong said...

I think we might be closing in on the time Nalini is going to pick contest winners.

I'd just like to say thanks once again to Nalini for inviting me to post, and thanks to everyone who stopped by. I really enjoyed being here today and reading the responses.

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks for being a great guest, Jory :)

I've just edited the post to add the names of the random winners, but I'll post them here, too, for those of you who've subscribed to the comments.

The winners are:



Christina said...

For all who are vampire fans, a straigth vampire series is JR Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood. I haven't seen Ward mentioned on the board before, thought I'd throw her out there.