Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Catchup

What's everyone been up to this week? Plans for the weekend? What're you reading? Watching?

I watched America's Next Top Supermodel last night (I think we're watching the season that screened in the U.S. last year). I admit it. I'm addicted.


Cindy W said...

Hi! I just finished reading Broken Wing by Judith James OH MY. AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!

I really haven't been watching too much tv, just the food channel. I can do that and read at the same time!

Kat O+ said...

We have a long weekend. Sadly, it's too hot for the beach. Unless we go at 6pm. Still, I'd never whinge about a long weekend!

Courtney said...

My grandfather is very ill, so my entire family is pretty much just waiting for the end and trying to emotionally prepare. My personal strategy for that is reading (some great new romances came out this month) and knitting. There is no greater therapy/comfort than starting a sweater, a pair of socks, and a pair of mittens (all for me) in the same week.

I will be sad, but at least I will also be warm.

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Courtney, I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather. I'm sending coping wishes from the USA.

As for me I've been mourning the end of my exhibit, and trying to get back into everyday work. I did a humongously long blog post on Middle Grade Historical Fiction Set in Asia that I'm rather pleased with. Finally, today I attended a graduate student conference on the history of education, which was fascinating and exhausting. This weekend I need to do a ton of reading for a new class and rest...

As for reading, I've been reading old Andre Norton paperbacks as comfort reads....

Lady of the Review said...

Not sure. Working tomorrow, which always sucks. Maybe hanging with a friend on Sunday. Going to a funeral on Monday.

Still getting over bronchitis. This stuff will NOT go away. And I'm writing. Yay me!

Katherine said...

Been working on a cross stitch piece for my Dad. Reread most of the Psy-Changeling series and set up some forums for it.*g* Tried (unsucessfully) to get my internet connection fixed. *frown* Also did a bit of job hunting. Bleh.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday (Friday) I come back from my first schooling week. At Monday I`ve the next. - So I´m forced to wash and iron clothes this weekend...
Actually I`m reading Linda Howards "Raintree 1 - Inferno". This book makes good reading.

Courtney - I feel with you. When my grandfather was dying it was a very hard time for me. And I was so relieved when he could die. I know that sounds strange, but for him it was so hard to die, that it was cruel watching him suffering.


azteclady said...

Courtney, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

This weekend I have to: bake at least one batch of cookies, make one more bookcase, read and review one ARC, and proof a project proposal for one of my brothers.

Wish me luck?

Anonymous said...

Oh Courtney, that's terrible news. I hope you and your family can be of comfort to each other.

Lady of the Review - Best wishes for Monday, I hope you give your loved one a good send off. Feel better soon.

As for me, I just started a blog in anticipation of reviewing the Angels' Blood ARC. I'm giddy and a little nervous. Anyone want to come over and say hi?

orannia said...

Courtney - my thoughts are with you both. Losing someone you love is so hard, especially when you don't want to lose them but don't want them (and you) to suffer. Hugs to you and your family.

KB - I'll be thinking of you on Monday!

Azteclady - good luck!

Nalini - I am also addicted to watching ANTM! And now that American Idol has started screening here and Top Chef is just around the corner....can we say 'addicted to reality TV'?

I'm so close to having my grandmother's house sold. Settement is Friday. Oh, and I've just finished reading Ginn Hale's Wicked Gentlemen. It's very good!

Anonymous said...

For the weekend (now that we are almost finished)
I have to make my meals for the week (I do all my cooking on the weekends, so I have homemade meals vs those hated frozen dinners while I work throughout the week. During weekdays I just do not have the time for cooking)
I'm going to be seeing the Movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycons. Should be fun.
As for books.... hmmm. I just finished Susan Sizemore's "Primal Need". I'm just starting Kresley Cole's "Kiss of a Demon King"

Una said...

The weekend was spent doing chores, reading a couple books from the Dark Hunter series, waiting patiently for my "special" book to arrive, and doing a little baking.

Courtney, you and your family are in my prayers. I'm so very sorry!

Lady of the Review - I hope you are feeling & getting better soon!

Ah, today I'm back at work - weekends are never long enough.

Aymless said...

Back at work! The flu was awful and I had a flu shot!

Cindy: BW is on be TBR. Should move it up I guess.

Courtney/Lady of Review: ((HUGS))

Nalini Singh said...

Cindy - everyone who reads BW seems to love it!

Kat - the weather's been fantastic over here as well. :)

((Courtney)) & ((Kaitlin))

Jenny - I love Andre Norton, esp the series she did with Mercedes Lackey.

Katherine - hope the internet's fixed!

Eva - hope the housework went fast. :)

Azteclady - how did it go?

Zara - I'm going to come on over!

Orannia - you know it's weird, I pretty much don't watch reality tv except for ANTM. I've recently gotten into The Dog Whisperer though!

Una - hope it arrives soon! Some people in Canada have already gotten theirs!

Amy - ugh on the flu. Hope you're feeling better.

dd03 said...
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dd03 said...

lmao...yes, i must admit...if nothing is on the tube, i sometimes find a marathon and will watch it.
all. day.

oops...i really did want to post this. sorry

Janet said...

Just finished reading an advance copy of ANGELS BLOOD. A remarkably absorbing new beginning to the Guild Hunter series, that will leave you breathless, and panting for more. It takes hold from the very beginning with a new and fresh take on relations between Angels, Vampires and the the humans who fall under their sensual glamour.

azteclady said...

*waving* Hi, Nalini! How's work? *evil grin*

As far as my weekend?

No cookies, no bookcase, but the reading got done (along with three knitted hats and two scarves)

Ah well, next weekend, right?

Courtney, hoping things are going better with your family *hug*

Mollie Loo-Who said...

Hey hey !
I've just started re-reading Erin McCarthys vampire series for like the fourth time. I just finished Bit the jack Pot and Ill start my fav Bled Dry tonight.
When I do watch TV, I watch Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC.