Thursday, January 15, 2009

Postcard from the Cave

It's kind of hot in here - I think I need to open a window. Oh wait, caves don't have windows.

What're you all up to?

p.s. I have chocolate cake, so all is well with the world.
p.p.s. You have a few hours left to enter the ANGELS' BLOOD advanced copy contest if you haven't already.


Jules said...

I'm up late cleaning my house ready for youngest brother to come visit tomorrow and stay for a few days. (Must spring clean far sooner than the night before.) Worse still, he's in the army and is ultra neat. I'm feeling the pressure!! (Why didn't I buy that bottle of Coke Zero while I was grocery shopping last night? *pouts* I need my Zero fix!)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am still recovering from my sister's wedding that was on Saturday.

Prue said...

I've entered the contest. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the ARC. I am catching up on my emails and having my day off from work. It's my version of Monday morning tomorrow. It's a shame they don't have a song "I don't like fridays".

Anonymous said...

A hot cave...that sounds good:)

I´ve finished my final papers for my case management certification. Now I`ve to wait what the examination board says to it. Besides I`ve detected (with horror) that I`m completely booked up from January till December. -, a few more hot tidbits during the year would be really enouraging Nalini.


orannia said...

*passes Nalini an industrial-size fan*

It's too humid Nalini to not have air flow in the cave :) (I'm assuming you're writing on a computer rather than on a typewrite like Colin Firth's character in Love Actually or else the fan is a VERY bad idea!).

I'm finalising the sale of my grandmother's house. Almost there!

Good luck to everyone who entered the ARC contest!

Christina said...

Orannia, I adored Colin in Love Actually ^_^

The semester just started, but I already have a ton of work to do to prepare for my exams in march -_-

Bridget Locke said...

What's up with me? Hmmm...well, I'm healthy...FINALLY! Asthmatic bronchitis sucks monkey butt.

Came up with the black moment for my WIP, which thrills me to pieces.

Um, writing and working on the "project" which'll get done hopefully sooner rather than later. :)

And that's about it. Hoping I'll win an ARC, but not holding my breath. I think I'd be blue by this point. he-he

Una said...

I'm at work, doing the usual. Today should go fast, it's Friday and I've got a great weekend planned (lots of reading).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Aymless said...

Maybe you need to upgrade to a cave with windows? *g*

Me... home sick with the flu. Have to say its yucky. All this sleeping real cuts into the reading time.

Kat said...

Homework, homework, and more homework. Not much exciting, lol.

Also going to sneak in a movie night with a friend (Back to the Future). If there is any choas involving DeLoreans on my side of the globe...I had nothing to do with it...really....

Amy said...

I can only wish I was sitting in a hot cave. Yesterday we lived through -40'ish degree F wind chills with a high of -6 during the day. It was unreal for this former Southern California native (now living in the Midwest USA). DH said today felt "balmy" in comparison since we had a high of around 10 degrees F. Joy.

Thank you for that teaser conversation exchange between Riley and Mercy on the other post. This series is only one of two paranormal series that I continue to follow (the other being Kresley Cole's). I love the characters and the world you have created. Thank you!