Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Party Post 8: Nicola Marsh

As a girl, I dreamed of being a journalist and travelling the world in search of the next big story. Instead, I chose a career in the health industry while honing my writing skills with a daily entry into a “not-so-secret” journal. I thrived on reading Mills and Boon novels, filling my head with romantic ideals and larger than life heroes.

Luckily, I have had the opportunity to travel the world but my dream to write was never far from my mind. I worked as a physiotherapist for thirteen years before getting tired of saying “I’m going to write a book one day”. I finally took action and started writing in late 2001. Once I started, I couldn’t stop and have completed 25 novels of varying length since!

I currently write for Harlequin Romance and Modern Extra Sensual series and love it.

I live in Melbourne with my gorgeous family. When I’m not writing, I love sharing fine food and wine with friends and family, going to the movies and my favourite, curling up with a good book!

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As a kid, the lead-up to Christmas was almost as good as the thrill of the day when you got to ask for loads of cool stuff and wondered what you’d get (I was lucky, I was a bit of a goody-goody so Santa usually delivered!)

These days I pretty much know what I’m going to get. Books! And loads of them! I’ve always been an avid reader so books were usually a good gift choice for me but ever since I started writing most of my family and friends inundate me with gorgeous new books every Christmas and I love it!

This year, I’ve had an early delivery, author copies of my December release, INHERITED: BABY. (I love the holly on the cover!) The book features horse-strapper and single mum Maya Edison doing it tough, trying to raise her baby after her fiancĂ© dies, with a more than capable hero in stockbroker Riley Bourke.

There’s something so very magical about Christmas so I hope you all curl up with a good book this year.

And speaking of good books, what’s on your TBR pile at the moment?

I'm giving away a signed copy of INHERITED: BABY so please share the books you're eager to read with us.


Nalini Singh said...

I'm going to steal the first comment to say how cute is that cover! :)

Fiona Lowe said...

Oh, stole my comment :-) I bet this book flies off the shelf, Nic! And after reading it people will put you on their 'must read' list.

Joan said...

You not the only one that thinks the cover is cute but I like her story lines!!
I'm reading about three different books at one time. I can't even go into what books that I want to get because I have to finish the ones that got. Yes, your is on my list too. I lay one down then pick up another.LOL I'm reading Prince Incognito bu Linda Goodnight; Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan; and One Last Dance: It's never to late to fall in love by Mardo Williams and his daughters, Kay and Jerri.

Joyce said...

Love the cover.
My TBR pile includes Nora Roberts Valley of Silence, Tara Janzen's Crazy Sweet and Lucy Monroe's And Able.

Jennifer Y. said...

My TBR pile is actually a mountain range with numerous books on it...right near the top are Texas Rain by Jodi Thomas, A Doctor Beyond Compare by Melanie Milburne, Caring for His Child by Amy Andrews, and Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase.

Anonymous said...

Adorable cover :) My tbr pile is becoming about three shelves worth of books (and I'm so NOT complaining *g*) I'm looking forward to Nora's Trilogy, the new PC Cast Divine By Chance (i think that's the title) and Gena Showalter's Playing With Fire

Anonymous said...

Craft and Research books are on my tbr pile at the moment: The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler and Regency London by Stella Margetson :)

Minna said...

On my TBR pile there are a couple books by Liz Fielding, J.D. Robb and Time's Captive by Kate Lyon.

Carol said...

I love the cover, too!

I'm reading Confessions of a Viscount by Shirley Karr.

Anna Campbell said...

Nicola, at the risk of repeating all the other posts, GORGEOUS COVER!

Isn't this blog party fun? Thanks, Nalini!

I groan at the thought of my TBR pile. It's taking over the house. A couple of selections in no particular order - Deceived by Nicola Cornick, Be Mine Tonight by Kathryn Smith, Caring for His Child by Amy Andrews, Night of Sin by Julia Ross. And I could go on! I've promised myself some time attacking that TBR Everest over Christmas. Ah, bliss! Mind you, that just gives me an excuse to go and buy some more books! I think I need therapy.

Amy andrews said...

Chiming in also Nic. to say what a geat cover. And thanks to jennifer y for having my book in her TBR pile.
Mine is huge too - sigh, dont get time to read anymore. Very frustrating!!
I have a Nora and a Stephanie Laurens and a Barb Hannay as well as Ben Elton's The First Casualty, How to Kill your Husband by Kathy Lette and the Da Vinic Code - yes, possibly the only person left in the world who hasn't read it!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow, this is great!
I'm taking notes of more books to add to my Chrissie TBR pile :)

As for the's fabulous to hear so many positive comments. When I first saw it, I thought 'cute, but it's a big baby!!' After having all couples on my previous covers, it was a bit of a shock.
But the bub has definitely grown on me (maybe because I'm pregnant at the moment!!!)

Keep the books coming please :)

Ali said...

A couple on my tbr pile would have to be Blame the Rain by Ann Cory, Bloodmate 2 by Jaden Sinclair and dozens more... I think it'd help if I started reading more and stopped buying.. nah, that's not going to happen, lol

Jennifer Y. said...

My mother loves books with babies in them...she only reads books with kids, babies, or pregnant women...not sure why. I don't think she has yours yet though.

Estella said...

That is a cute cover.
My tbr pile is pretty depleted right now--I have the Matchmaker by Jamie Denton and Bound by Sasha White.

Little Lamb Lost said...

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Maureen said...

My pile is large but I have Whispers of the Night by Lydia Jocye, A Fabulous Wife by Dianne Castell, Size Twelve is Not Fat by Meg Cabot.

Pam P. said...

Cute cover, Nicola!

Next up on my reading pile is The Grail King by Joy Nash, and I don't know what else yet, so many to choose from. I know I'll be mixing in some of those regency Christmas anthologies and other holiday books I come across.

allyblake said...

Jennifer, I have a mountain range now too! A couple of Eve Dallas books, (after all that talk of Roarke the other day I just had to dive back ionto them!), a good dozen Harlequion Romances, including one of Nic's which I'd better hurry up and read as her next one is hot on it's heels! Aargh!

Hoping Christmas week sees me curled up on a couch somewhere ;).


Emmy said...

I am waiting to read Crazy About the Boss by Theresa Southwick. Which I will start after I finish Harmony by Jayne Castle.

Jeanette J said...

One Foot Forward by Rose Middleton

froggie said...

I'm down to only two book on my tbr pile, although I'll be getting more in the mail soon as I'm a regular customer of the on-line Harlequin store!!

The first one is a book by Catherine Anderson (from her backlist) called Cry of the Wild about a woman who goes searching for her twin brother in Alaska.

The second is a paranormal from Sandy Blair called A Thief in a Kilt. I'm really excited about that one, but am keeping it for last (delayed gratification and all that!!)

I've been also reading a lot of Holiday stories and haven't gotten sick of them yet... I'm thinking I'll have to get yours in order to satisfy my craving of Christmas Love Stories.

Jennifer K. said...

I'm waiting on Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh. Should be a great book. I love the breeds.

Annie West said...


Just home to find your blog waiting to be read. At the risk of being boring - great cover!

Isn't it nice getting books for Christmas? And I'm in a family of readers so I get to dip into great books other people have been given too.

My TBR pile is too big to detail but it includes a book about harems (serious research for my next sheikh), several new release category romances and a Susan Elziabeth Philips that my critique partner has lent me.

Now, if I could get some quiet time at Christmas to read some more, the pile might not be so high!

Tessa Radley said...

Nicole, my TBR pile is in a shocking state, it's far too high and it just grew higher. I've just come back from K-Mart with my Presents fix (but I'm only allowed to read them once my deadline is met *grin*):
The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride by Emma Darcy
Annie West's A Mistress for the Taking (after her post here how could I resist???)
Lucy Monroe's The Greek's Christmas Baby
Jane Porter's Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife

KimW said...

That is such a cute cover! Oh, and a neat career for the hero.

Next up is Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught. I've been wanting to read this one for a while. Then, I have a couple of Christmas anthologies I'm saving for Christmas vacation.

Meljprincess said...

Hi Nicola,
Long time no "see". *g*
My TBR pile is as follows: THE EARL OF HER DREAMS by Anne Mallory, DARKNESS WAKES by Tim Waggoner, THE RAVEN PRINCE by Elizabeth Hoyt, and HER BABY'S SECRET FATHER by Lynne Marshall.
I'm finishing up MARY MARY by James Patterson and it is excellent!

CrystalG said...

Up next my tbr pile is The Charmer, and The Romantic by Madeline Hunter. After that I am going to read Christina Dodd's My Fair Temptress, and Barefoot Princess.
I love the cover of your book. Adorable. :)

Nalini Singh said...

I'm champing at the bit to read Born In Death by JD Robb. I love that series!

robynl said...

How To Seduce A Duke by Kathryn Caskie and Journey's From A Boy to a Man by Linda L. Lattimer.

ellie said...

I have yet to read Every Secret Thing by laura Lippman, Cage of Stars and Darcy and ELizabeth.

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow, you guys have given me a whole heap of new books to chase up.

It's going to be tough picking a winner (I was going to base it on who introduced me to the most new authors I hadn't read or heard of) but might now do a random 'in the hat' type of thing?