Friday, November 17, 2006

First Dates & Star Signs

'Where should we go on a first date?' is probably the most common question single people ask themselves.

And hey, it's hard to know where the object of your affections
would like to rendezvous, especially if you don't know each other too well. But if you want to make some sort of an informed guess, consider turning to astrology for the answer.

That's right - each astrological sign has its own favourite first-date locales. So do some sleuth work to find out your date's birthday; then head out to one of the appropriate places below.

Best First Date For Your Star Sign
Hmm, really? Check the tip for you star sign and tell me if it would work.


Barbara said...

I looked it up, pretty cool!

Emma Sinclair said...

I don't want to go to a flea market on a first date.


(Maybe the second date).

(Whoa, my word verification was flea!!)

Nalini Singh said...

Barbara - you must've got one of the nice dates. ;) Me and Emma got stuck with the flea market! LOL I thought it was pretty funny.

Emma - you're making up that word verification thing...aren't you? (cue spooky music)

Emmy said...

I am a few days behind in checkin the blog, but here goes. My was a good on too, very nice. I'm a Cap. They also had one for the type of driver you are I will see if I can find the site again.

Nalini Singh said...

Hey Emmy - you got a great one - nice table, nice flea market *g*

That site's pretty cool for fun articles. It's

Barbara said...

I am Leo, so my options were pretty acceptable.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

My husband is Cancer and I am Leo...

But our first date was more acceptable to Cancer. ...I don't act like a Leo so the Leo first date doesn't describe me... BUT Scorpio first date fit me well (lol --I have a scorpio moon)... So we do fit.