Friday, April 28, 2006

Tears Of A Clown: Chapter 2

It's Friday again and time for the collaborative story effort to continue! I've decided to call it Tears Of The Clown from Diana's inspired first post last week. If you'd like to read chapter 1, click here.

Recap on how this works: Each person writes a line or two and leaves an open sentence for the next person to pick up. Repeat posts absolutely welcome but to make it more unpredictable, someone else must post something between each one of yours. Anyone and everyone can participate so don't be shy!

The last line in chapter 1 was:
As their stares burned holes through her soul, the group parted for a disturbingly familiar figure that emerged from the shadows like a shark from the shallows. It was the bearded lady...

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Nalini Singh said...

...or was it? Magnolia blinked and when she opened her eyes, the room was empty. "I'm losing my mind!" She clutched at her head, certain she'd imagined everything.

That was when the clown gasped and started to...