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SPOILER ZONE: Archangel's Resurrection


This is the dedicated *spoiler* thread for Archangel's Resurrection and earlier books in the series. Spoilers abound, so be warned!!

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library addict said...

I loved the structure of the story and the way it shed more light on some events we'd already seen through these main characters' POVs as well the sweeping history from when they were young. Also all the glimpses/cameos of our regular cast.

I confess that I recognized the name of Alexander's brother, but it took me until they were together on the island to remember why.

I loved the plan for changing their sigils at the end.

I am still hoping somehow for a story from Suyin. And this book has convinced me I also need a story for Cassandra and Qin.

The story felt epic, but with so many little moments.

NikiInPhilly said...

Just finished listening on audible!! Fantastic story lots of history there, tho now I have to go back and re listen to Cassandra’s prophecy about wings to see if we missed any players I can’t remember!! This isn’t the end for guild hunters is it? We FF 10yrs and Elena’s holding her own in zoom cadre meetings like WHAT!?!? wish we could have seen some of them interact more with them and I wish Titus reunion was in here!!

Anonymous said...

love the sorry can’t wait for more from elena and raphael please please please ! also how old are alexander and caline the history of the their age is pretty vague and i’m very curious

Patricia Schlorke said...

I know Naasir talks to Jason about what was in the buried house when going for the book his Andi wanted in Archangel's Enigma. However, reading all of that from Alexander's point of view was chilling. I almost cried when I read the part when the angry ghosts crashed the ice in the lab to get Alexander and Osiris (even though he was dead) out of the house. I had to keep reminding myself that that was before Raphael met Elena, and before Naasir became one of Raphael's Seven.

I laughed when Alexander told Zanaya how he was woken up by Naasir and Andromeda. Yep, those two don't have any respect for a surly, hardheaded Archangel.

It was great reading about Alexander's and Zanaya's backstories. Reading about Caliane when she was younger, how she became a general in her own right, and how she and Alexander became friends over time was interesting. We get glimpses of that after Archangel's Enigma, but not like in Archangel's Resurrection.

My eyebrows went up to see Elena at a Cadre meeting. Hannah, I could see, but Elena?! I realize Raphael told her she needed to be in the meeting (I can hear the grumbling from Elena on that) since he could not be there.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

AlwaysV said...

I had to pause and walk away from the book at the end of chapter 18! So disappointed in The Toxic Love Story between the TWO Archangels!!! Seriously???

I'll return & continue ~ Cascade ~ after I cool myself down enough. I'm determined to fall crazy in love with GH 15. No Matter What!

Anonymous said...

Read that entire book to find out if Xander's eye colour was mentioned! Lol. I was not disappointed. I just had to get to the end!

Interesting that it fast forwarded 10 years for Raphael & Elena's story, but understandable that it was needed, definitely didn't think healing etc would have been instantaneous!

Quite liked Zanaya, would have been curious to see more about Alexander's metal powers! (& Also skipped through him as a dad & the post-waking him as a granddad bits. I get it's a love story & already covered lots of their history... But i was curious!) XD

Did enjoy the book, loved the friendship between him & caliane.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add, I do like the smaller solve-the-mystery/hunt stories, so i guess theoretically the next GH book could still take place during those 10 years of rebuilding without affecting this book!

Anonymous said...

I read this book in one sitting. Told my family and friends I am unavailable for the duration of my reading. Amazing book. Love it! Now wait for the next spectacular book.

Lilach Yuzuk said...

I want to be a fly on the wall at the reunion between Titus His sisters and their mother

Anonymous said...

I love the book it was amazing I cannot wait for the next archangel's book to come out there's so many clues in this other book I cannot find them it's like a puzzle piece and

Anonymous said...

I agree to @Lilach Yuzuk I would love a short story about the reunion of Titus, his sisters and the first general.
Maybe something for an christmas newsletter this year?? Hint hint ;-)
(Do you notice the blinking arrow signals around the discreed hint?) ;-)

Anonymous said...

I had to let this sink in a few days, unfortunately in the end I didn't like it.
First off, I don't accept cheating in books. I don't care this was "consensual", I don't care this was about a story that spanned thousands of years, they were separate at the time and so on. It made me really disappointed in both characters since both were convinced they were destined for each other.
I also don't buy their relationship is different now. They tried countless times and were, to quote, together for thousands of years. Also, what if the same thing happens with basically any other couple I read about in this series? When I read a book I want to be convinced about the couple's HEA. Not so much in this book.....
Then the story arch, what happened with Zanaya's "piece of Lijuan"? True, there were some unfinished pieces of the story wrapped up, but in the end the world these beings live in is something I'm very glad I don't share. Their lives seem terribly depressing, their lifespan a curse. Contrary to, for example, psy-changeling, this is a series that makes me feel bad and I regret reading this book.

Pat said...

Akhia-Solay & First General Avelina, the ultimate power couple