Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


Patricia Schlorke said...

Finished skimming through Tangle of Need. Now I am reading Heart of Obsidian while waiting for new books coming out Tuesday. Can't wait to read Alpha Night. Not much longer!

library addict said...

I reread Jessie Mihalik's Polaris Rising and am almost done rereading Aurora Blazing. So I am almost all set for Tuesday's release of the third Consortium Rebellion book.

Had planned to read both faster, but I used most of my reading time this week watching TV since Acorn has been free this week. I watched the latest season of The Brokenwood Mysteries as well as the first seasons of Hidden and Loch Ness. I may or may not get to Mystery Road as I want to watch the prequel films first so I may wait until next time.

Plus I really want to get back to rereading Ocean Light.

Kim said...

Made more progress with "The Wolf's Boy" by Susan Williams Beckhorn. Definitely a keeper.

Unknown said...

Lots of reading this week...
I binged right through Anna Carven's Vengeance, Chaos and Power. I bought them individually but they are also available as a set now. If you can't get a man to take out the trash, you'll be fascinated by a man who will literally run across the world to save his girl.
I read Close Up by Amanda Quick, which is set in the 30's and provides a fun look at the early days of photography as art. I know a few photographers and it was amusing to see the same arguments in a different era. So much has changed, but also so very little :)
I was also delighted by Governed by Whimsy by Forthright. A sweet tale of two sad hearts finding each other - this one is a gem if you are fond of such things. I'm sure it made more sense because I've read the Amarantine series. If you haven't, you should pick one up and enjoy some animae inspired fantasy.
I also read Semi-Magical by Isabel Jordan. It's a cross-over to start a new series and it looks like the new series will be a lot of fun.
Last week I didn't post but I finished Truthbreaker by Kelly Lucille. It caps off the series with a definitive ending for the bad guy, so if you've read early books and you got tired of his amazing ability to survive, don't worry - he gets what's coming to him in this one. And, I finished the Pet Project series by Amanda Milo. I'd already read some of it, but it slowly pulled me in. I didn't think I'd like it, but I did. Dark but not too dark.

Anonymous said...

I started a re-read of Lynsay Sands's Argeneau series. Finished Vampire, Interrupted, and was made happy by it as usual.

R.J. Blain's Grave Humor was a hoot, and well worth reading and re-reading.

Amanda Quick's Close Up may have been my favorite of that series. Will need to re-read the others to be sure.

I agree with the reader who was delighted by Forthright's Governed By Whimsey, and also agree that it would make more sense if you read the Amaranthine stories in publishing order. I've been keeping up with Lord Mettlebright's Man on Forthright's website. There was a new installment this week.

Ilona Andrews has a story in process on their blog called Ryder. It's wonderful.

Re-read some of Viola Grace's oldest short stories. Some are better than others, but they are like potato chips. It's hard to read just one. She has grown as a writer over the last ten years. Glad I've kept up with her tales.

Anonymous said...

What time I have has been spent on my psy/changeling re-read. I'm currently in the middle of 'Bonds of Justice'. Eagerly awaiting 'Alpha Night'.

C said...

Rereading the Trinity books in preparation for Alpha Night. Just finishing Silver Silence and had a thought that maybe the filaments that they put in Silvers brain might be able to be used to stop the sociopathy problems the Psy have? Maybe even be part of the solution for the humans to protect their brains? Hmmmmm. Can’t wAit to see.

Kelticat said...

Binged on Jayne Castle from After Glow to Midnight Crystal.

cyn said...

Started vacation this weekend. Finished PLAY HARD today!!!! OOMMGG!!!!! Jake & Jules are the new "IT!" couple! Super sweet,emotional, funny & strong...this story has it ALL!!!! PLEASE find a way to keep this has HEART!!!!