Friday, March 06, 2020

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


library addict said...

Not much luck with my new reads this week.

I am on Bonds of Justice in my complete Psy/Changeling series reread. I love Sophia & Max and wish we could see more of them.

Only a few more sleeps until Love Hard. I was going to try to squeeze in a series reread before release day but fear that plan has gone awry.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I'm reading Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews. 4 more days for us in the US until Love Hard comes out. The time will fly since the majority of the country goes on Daylight Saving time. 🙂

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoyed Lethal Game by Feehan after continuing my re-read of that series. Eager awaiting Badger to the Bone by Laurenston, Feehan's next releases and Alpha Night by my favorite author!

Kate Y said...

I just finished reading the latest in J.D. Robb's In Death series, Golden in Death. Lots of fun as always. ^_^ Before that I read How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse. I really enjoyed it! It looks like a sequel is coming out this fall, so that is excellent. Very excited for Love Hard.

Kelticat said...

Doing a reread of Dennis L. McKiernan's Once Upon series. Finished Winter Night and Summer Day. Currently reading Autumn Eve.
Also read Brazen Rebel Women who Rocked the World. It's a collection of biographies about ladies like Las Mariposas, Hedy Lamar, and Peggy Guggenheim. Good for women's history month.

Eva said...

Just finished Volker Düzer`s Betrafung (German edition).
That was an fantastic thriller.