Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Catch Up

❤️How are you all doing in these strange times? Please check in from wherever you are in the world, and share how things are for you.
Last night, while I was procrastinating and catching up on news reports for the zillionth time, I wrote you a happy little short story - because we all need some happy at the moment. Give me a couple of days to edit it, then I'll share it online for you to read.
Tell me your news, and what's going on in your own corner of the world. 🌏


starry*eyed said...

Hi Nalini, hope you and yours are safe and well. Here in the UK the social distancing is slowly giving way to a lockdown situation. Necessary because folk are really flaunting the advice that has been given. I am working from home but finding it hard to concentrate, and a little too trigger happy in terms of seeking a news fix.

The schools are closed except for children of key workers and the most vulnerable children. Our NHS is under a great deal of strain, but it has never been more appreciated or celebrated. Hope that the curve gets flattened soon!

All best wishes and i am so happy i have your books to escape for a little while everyday!

Kelticat said...

I'm in California. The entire state has a shelter in place order, but exercise is classified as a necessity as long as people keep social distancing. Yesterday I ended up walking off the trail to avoid the under 10 crowd that had no concern for the concept. I was also aggressively wished a nice day by a little girl on a bike. Every time I tried to reciprocate with the nice day wish she demanded "no, you!" I finally called out to her that nice days were infinite.

Shira said...

I'm almost constantly playing streaming news on a browser while I work at home, too.

Here in a very rural area of Japan, no case of the virus has been confirmed yet, and hospitals are not filled with sick people (just the usual number). But everyone is living with the fear that some day soon cases will start showing up.

I'm also freaking out since my friend who lives in New York hasn't got back to me after telling me that her husband had a fever and she had a sore throat several days ago.

Still, I'm trying to stay positive, praying that everyone will be OK and that one of the treatments the scientists are currently working on will be effective.

Thank you, Nalini, in advance for the story. I know it will make my day better.

Unknown said...

Hi I live in I live in Iowa and everything is shut down almost but the grocery stores are still open and I'm happy for that but my mom is handicapped and I'm the only one that goes grocery shopping and it's hard cuz I'm trying my best to stay 6 ft away from hippos but he was like to not listening and today I saw a newborn baby in a stool I mean come on seriously . happy news I saw the last of the newscast and people are taking shelter animals in and giving them homes and give them human we're actually need it and also we need to think of the first responders on the front lines of this I hope they're safe and I hope you all will be saved to

Patricia Schlorke said...

I'm in Fort Worth, Texas. The state isn't under shelter in place. However, Dallas county (the county east of me), is going to start the shelter in place starting at midnight Central Daylight Time. Tarrant county, which is the county Fort Worth is in, hasn't gotten that far yet.

I work from home regardless of viruses, weather, or natural disaster for a healthcare system in the area. The focus of the hospitals is to take care of patients right now.

What makes me shake my head is the panic buying at the grocery stores. I'm glad I know how to cook and bake. This is time for creative cooking.

Thank you, Nalini for the story to come.

Stay safe everyone. Wash your hands with soap and water like a surgeon. 🙂

Anonymous said...

I'm in the greater Kansas City area of the U.S. and our stay at home order goes in effect at midnight. My husband will still go into work at the grocery store, but otherwise we haven't been going out anyway.

Grocery stores have lots of empty shelves with a lot of things limited to one per customer which is only fair in my opinion. I too am glad I know how to cook and have been improvising while doing it for years.

Thank you for the story, it will be very appreciated.

Everybody try to stay safe, wash your hands thoroughly and do the physical distancing.

library addict said...

Hi, Nalini. Hope you, Ashwini, and your family are all safe and taking care of yourselves.

My state government is not being very proactive, but thankfully the people around me are.

We had more snow on Sunday afternoon (just over an inch), but thankfully it all melted yesterday. I only went outside last night to take the trash and recycling out to the curb.

Missing my dog (he passed away in early January).

I haven't been able to concentrate on many new-to-me books. Have DNF'd (for now!) a bunch of stuff. Same with TV and movies. So my annual Psy/Changeling reread has been keeping me going on the book front. It's taking me a bit longer than usual to finish each story, but that's okay.

Trying to find the balance between staying informed and not watching/reading news all the time. I cannot fathom why so many still think this situation is a hoax.

Looking forward to the short story.

december said...

Hi Nalini and readers
As starry eyed said in the UK we are going into lock down but the more I think about it the more I wonder what it means. Before I create an accidental storm I believe it is necessary and have been isolating at home and will continue to do so. What I'm wondering about is whether people who fix houses like plumbers are essential workers. If not anything leaking could be grim..

That said on a lighter note thank you so much for your books they do give so much joy and no matter how many" who writes like" searches I do I can't find any one to compare! so any extras you give us will be very gratefully received.

Skyler said...

Hi Nalini and readers,

From Spain, we all are in our homes under "stay at home" order. We can go out only to go to the grocery shops.

I'm working at home but it senses weird.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini and everyone,

In Australia, shutdowns are starting, some state boarders are starting to close, some states have schools open for children of essential workers. Some government stupidity has occurred with people being let off cruise ships in Sydney, after testing, and let to go home to other states and places however they like before results. This, of course, has increased the spread.
Unnecessary panic over food, medicines, and toilet paper has made it hard to get some items as people grab and horde. Still there are some good people out there giving items away for free and choosing not to panic buy.
Lock downs will come.
Some good news - my mum was on the Norwegian Spirit and managed to get a flight back to Australia and is self-isolating. The government is giving little direction for those people who arrive from overseas though.
Good news - a few companies here are making things that they don't normally make to help out - Shane Warnes' Gin Distillery company is making hand sanitizer at cost for hospitals, some car companies have volunteered to 3-D print parts for essential medicial equipment.
And Nalini Singh has a new short story for us! Thank you!

Stay safe and well everyone.

C said...

Hi from the southern coast of Oregon in the United States. We are on lockdown as well. Most cases are in the urban areas on the north central part of the state. No local ones yet, but I’m sure they are coming. I work in an emergency call center so life is kind of normal in that I go to work and then come home.

Am just finishing archangels war, again and was wishing Nalini could do something new to get us thru the necessary confinement. Yay for a new short story!!

Sending thoughts of kindness and hope to you all.

Kelticat said...

@ December
You might try you local government health department webpage. The shelter in place guidelines in California includes home maintenance workers (electricians, plumbers, contractors), auto mechanics, and farm workers as necessary personnel. I had to check last Tuesday, because I had arranged routine maintenance for my car Thursday prior to the shelter in place order. It may be different in GB on what is considered necessary. And the same goes for the rest of you who aren't already in lockdown/shelter in place.

ST said...

I'm in Northern California and have been in lockdown for more than a week now.
My son made it home from Austin where he goes to college for spring break 12 days ago, right before our lockdown started. They are switching to online classes.
My high schooler has started online classes today (yay!)

I work from home always and now my husband is also working from home. Its very interesting around here when both of us have meetings at the same time. :) Everyone is still alive!!

We've been going for walks most days. Also grocery store once a week. And to pick up takeout.

Maria said...

Hi Nalini,
In Sweden we're still cautioned not to be in to big crowds, but no order to stay home yet. I'm an essential worker and can't work from home, so I'm still doing my regular thing.

I don't socialize a ton so it's not a big difference for me to stay in more.

I hope everyone stays safe and that we're through the worst soon!

Cr said...

I’m in upstate New York. We’re not being hit anywhere near as hard New York City but we’re doing our part to “flatten the curve”. Staying home, reading lots of books (I’m re-reading the entire Guild Hunter series right now!), and filling time with projects. We have a decent amount of land so can hike on our own property without worry about getting too close to others. Basically just hoping to avoid illness and that all this works out sooner than later.

Hope everyone is well and remains that way.

Lilly said...

Hi there,

I'm in France and we have been in lockdown for 10 days now. For a few days I switched to home working, but the activity has gone so much down in our company that I've nothing left to do. My colleagues keep in touch through WhatsApp, we exchange news, funny videos and pictures of our respective balconies/gardens. We are so lucky to have sunny skies, otherwise, cabin fever would become a nasty thing I believe! And since health people recommend 5 more weeks of lockdown at least...!

So, reading it is. And Spring cleaning (it is that part of the world that is heading towards warmer times!) And wondering how many times going up and down the stairs constitute as daily exercise.


Rikki said...

Also in Northern California and sheltering in place since March 16. As a teacher I’m grateful that I’ve always done some online teaching, so my 5th graders were more prepared than most to transition to “school from home.” I just don’t know how long I can keep them enthusiastic about working this way...it’s been almost two weeks of this and I can tell we’re losing steam. Normally this is when we’d do some sort of project to show the relevance and application of what we’re doing, but I’m not sure how to do that when not all students will have the same resources at home and I don’t want to ask families to go out to get stuff...I understand the science behind theses orders, but I hate what it’s doing to my kiddos.

On the plus side I’m actually cooking regular and healthy meals, getting more exercise, and spending lots of time with my spouse who is also working from home.

Anonymous said...

Day 2 of the 21 day lock-down in India and since my state is the worst hit - we had started the curfew much earlier.

Ground realities are changing so much - we are taking it day by day. Somehow have not been able to concentrate on work or leisure. I guess it is the anxiety.

Looking forward to the short story.

Eva said...

In Germany we have a restricted curfew until April 19. Bars, restaurants, hairdressers, schools, kindergartens and canteens have to close during this time. The city buses in my town are free during this time.Social distancing is strictly implemented in shops, offices on the street. Shopping Center, appointments with the doctor, pharmacy and going to work are allowed.
Since I work in a system-critical area, I unfortunately have to drive to work every day. Home office is currently only possible to a very limited extent due to the high systemic IT oberload.(For example: Last Monday our telephony failed because we received over 2 million calls).

I really looking forward to the new short story Nalini!

And to you all: Stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

In The Netherlands we also need to stay home and, when outside for groceries, maintain distance from others. Working from home with kids is tough and life has changed a lot. These are strange times.
So very much looking forward to the short story!
Stay safe everyone

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Hi Nalini
South Island New Zealander here :) and so as you know we are under strict stay at home orders, with essential services only. Had to get some groceries today for us, our in-laws and pick up some medicine for my daughter from the pharmacy. Very strict procedures in place to get into stores, and in particular the pharmacy. Then had to do the "bubble" isolation rules when handing off the groceries and medicine. Couldn't hug or go closer than 2m from my daughter - felt just like it was when I had to wave her good-bye when leaving her at school for the first time!! We have another month of this - and hopefully if everyone follows the rules - we can go back to some sort of normality. Stay safe everyone during this time.

Carmen Caspar said...

From Canada...the economy is tanking... People losing jobs, stock market is terrible. Our dollar is dropping. We are still allowing citizens in the country but we are not enforcing the 14 day quarantine. The travellers are given a slip at the airport with the guidelines. I am lucky I can work from home but many of my coworkers are front line staff. Everyday someone who refused to self isolate is another 2 weeks of isolation for the rest of us...due your part to heal the world

Denise said...

hi everyone, I'm from Argentina and we've been in lockdown for two weeks now, and I'll probably extend until May. We don't have as many cases as any other country and government has stepped up to help people with less income. But everything except food related shops and banks are shut down but there are still some people that disregard the recommendations.
Hope this difficult times find you all well.

Unknown said...

Hi all and greetings from Maryland! I've been organizing my house and seriously thinking about brushing off some of my old short stories since I have time. I just started A Madness if Sunshine so that'll keep me busy.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe!

Anonymous said...

Dallas, TX area here. We are social distancing, so have been WFH for the past 2 weeks. Glad I can WFH, glad my immediate family can also WFH so everyone (for now) are ok. We are grateful to the medical teams, police, sanitation, truckers, etc that are working hard to make sure all of us are getting what we need. So no complaining allowed in our family. There are so many that are sacrificing their lives and potentially their family’s lives to support all of us. The little that we can do... follow federal and state mandates, pray and not complain.. we are doing it. Where we can help - we do. We are especially praying hard for nurses, doctors and police officers in our extended family that have been affected. My 88 years old Mom lives alone in FL and we can’t get to her. Our nephew is a NYC police officer, our niece is a nurse in Long Island, my sister is in Seattle, my brother’s in laws are both in hospital dying from COVID 19.... and I can go on and on just like everyone else. So how am I doing? Scared.

Kim said...

Haven't responded earlier, because all this is quite mentally tiring. Having to carefully titrate my exposure to news and all this stuff. We're still allowed to go out for a walk here in the Prairies in Canada, but of course, social distancing is strongly advised!! Been discovering just how many places aren't designed for that! (sidewalks, walking trails, grocery stores) Most people do the best they can. Just about everything except grocery stores and pharmacies is shut down. What is open is on reduced hours, and may be limiting the number of people inside, depending on how popular they are. Restaurants that can do take-out or delivery are still allowed to do that, but are otherwise closed. Medical clinics have been told (and paid for) doing tele-health as much as possible. All non-essential medical services (dentists, optometrists, massage therapy, etc) have been closed down except for emergencies. Hospitals are of course open.

Some of the bridge walkways have been designated one-way to allow for social distancing. (presumably the rest will follow.) One was shut down because social distancing wasn't possible.

Just when spring was really starting to take hold, and we were getting significantly above 0 temperatures, we've gotten another dump of snow, with more probably coming today, and we've gone back into cold temperatures again. With significant wind chill!

I've made it my new task to find as many of the Little Free Libraries within walking distance as I can. Found all the registered ones, and some of the unregistered ones.

Still managing to find stretches of time where I can forget the world's gone crazy, so that helps. And music too, as always!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini and all your readers,
I'm in the Denver area of Colorado, working from home, and by myself except for my 3 kitties. I'm very lucky to be able to wait for deliveries and to tip the drivers.

Every night at 8pm local time, I step outside and howl. Last night some neighbors joined in for the first time (there's a facebook group if you're interested). Some people howl just for the solidarity, some howl to celebrate new lives, some in honor of healthcare workers, and some for people or pets they have lost recently, since there's no other way to get together and mourn.

I have also read the new Bishop-Esera book, which led me to re-read all the other Play books, and then the Rock ones, and now Archangel's War, and then I think I'll re-read the new one again. I find them very comforting.

Love to all of us.