Friday, August 09, 2019

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


library addict said...

I had a few frustrating reads this week.

But on the plus side I loved Shannon Stacey's One Summer Weekend (Cedar Street #1). It was a fun friends-to-lovers story.

I also quite enjoyed Lindsay Buroker's Bearadise Lodge (Fractured Stars #0.5, a free short story on her blog), Here Be Dragons (Fractured Stars #.7), Fractured Stars Fractured Stars #1), and Junkyard (Fractured Stars #1.5, which was published last but is set first). The main character is a skip tracer with an android for a business partner and a lovable 150 pound dog. There's a terrific slow-burn romance in the full-length book.

Apparently it's a spin-off of another series or "set in the same universe." I've read some of her romances written as Ruby Lionsdrake, but hadn't read any of her LB books before this. I had no problem following the world-building. It's a really enjoyable series so I am hoping she writes more books for it.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure where this week began on my reading list, but here goes:
Tricking an Introvert by May Sage: A good addition to this series of quick but funny reads about a woman who prefers to stay home in her pj's who meets a man that understands her.
Pulled by the Tail by Nancy Cummings: Another short but good read. This series is about scifi style mail order brides who (of course) end up in situations that are a bit different than they signed on for. I like that the women in this series seem very real and average, despite the fact that they end up married, by choice, to aliens they've never met.
Shadows by Suzanne Wright: This is also fairly short but it follow up on a couple of side characters from another series. This was good, but at times it felt like the hero sort of morphed into the hero from the previous books. But lots of snappy dialog and action scenes.
And now I've started the Slow Burn series by J.T. Geissinger. These are short contemporary romances. The first in the series "Burn for You" was a lot of fun. Yet another effort at "beauty and the beast", but with great banter and a truly strong woman leading the story. The second was just good, with a more predictable plot and characters.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I'm doing a lot of re-reading to try to make the time go fast for new books coming out soon. The Archangel's War tease in the newsletter makes me want the book now. Not too much longer.

Kim said...

Just picked up my copy of "Everyday Hope: 365 ways to a positive life" that I bought almost a month ago now, and never even managed to flip through before. It is SOOO Awesome! So many great quotes and suggestions! Some are a little too simplistic or overly 'rose-colored glasses' oriented, or just aren't going to fit everybody (such as suggesting upbeat, optimistic music if you're feeling down - that won't work for everyone, for some people it will only make things worse, if they can't relate to it) but MANY of the things it says are Great! And it's a bargain book! Totally going to buy my bookstore's remaining two copies tomorrow!

Also stumbled across a great article online about why you shouldn't feel bad about having or buying way more books than you can (ever) read. - It stimulates creativity and intellectual development, for one thing. IT was on Twitter under the hashtag #BookLoversDay, I think.

Eva said...

Maddox by Melanie Moreland.