Saturday, March 16, 2019

Christchurch, New Zealand

Most of you will be aware of the terrible event that happened in Christchurch yesterday. So many people lost their lives and so many are fighting for theirs. As a country, New Zealand is in mourning. To know such hate could come here, to this kind and gentle country, it's shaken us all down to the core. Each and every one of us is thinking of the people most directly affected and doing what we can to help, even if all we can do is donate funds to help the survivors.
I'm going to quote words spoken by our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern here, because she speaks for all NZ when she says: "...we were not a target because we are a safe harbour for those who hate. We were not chosen for this act of violence because we condone racism, because we’re an enclave for extremism, we were chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things, because we represent diversity, kindness, compassion, a home for those that share our values, a refuge for those who need it. And those values, I can assure you, will not and cannot be shaken by this attack."
At times like this, it's hard to know what to on blogs like this, where it's all about celebrating something we love - reading and books. It can feel frivolous to talk books when such a terrible event has occurred. But the thing with terrorists is that they want us to stop doing what we love. They want to make us afraid. They want us to focus on them. We're not going to do that.
This blog will continue to run with posts celebrating what we love, will continue to be a friendly and safe place where we uplift each other. Books are a haven for many of us, and we're not going to let that be taken away by those who would spread darkness in the world.
With all my love to all of you. ❤️


Unknown said...

Tautoko, e hine.

library addict said...

Sending healing and peaceful thoughts to you and everyone in New Zealand.

I know your books and this blog have helped me a lot in the past few years especially. I still have hope our society will choose the better, more inclusive path and love and kindness will conquer the fear and hate, but some days it is more difficult to see the light.

Miggie said...

Thought of you as soon as I heard, prayed that you and yours were well. As a New Yorker, I know what you are feeling and will continue to feel. Know that we all join in your pain and in the prayer that this may be the last horror and that only peace and love lay ahead.
Blessings to all

Patricia S said...

When I read what happened yesterday (Friday US time) in New Zealand, my heart, thoughts, and virtual hugs went out to you. It brought me back to the happenings in the US (Pennsylvania and in southern Texas) and thought nowhere is sacred anymore.

In times like this we all need to stand with each other no matter where in the world we are and what we believe. Books, reading, and knowing that you are not alone help in crazy times.

Thanks, Nalini, for posting, and letting us respond back. Hugs and lots of love.

Belinda Gallant said...

When I heard what was happening in New Zealand, my heart sank. I couldn't believe a country so beautiful, diverse, and welcoming would be touched by this kind of violence.

My prayers are with all of you.

Penelope Crampton said...

My condolences to the beautiful country of New Zealand, to you and yours, to all who have lost loved ones, in this terribly sad moment of the world.

The tears are still wet on my cheeks and in my heart.

It is like stone, this grief, and it is so hard to bear.

But I look to your books sitting on my shelves and am consoled by their existence there.
Your words in your blog also soothe the sharp edges of these last few days.

And so I will pick up and re-read those books once more and you will write more wonderful stories and the joy of those words of your romances will help to re-light the candles of hope in this vast dark heart of our Earth.

And others will share and also write and read and speak, to continue to carry and spread the necessity of good hearts and kind minds, and

We need Love most of all, to counteract its nemesis, to continue the joy of life with all its bright hopes and dreams.

We will love and laugh and come together, with strength and resolve and unity.

Thank you, Nalini, for every single word you've written and will continue to write.

Nemo said...

So many beautiful words here and so many tears. The loss of so much beings is heartbreaking, but moving on without forgetting is a right thing to do.

Lesa said...

Peaceful thoughts to all! I know that we cannot control people’s thoughts, but the violence must end!

Anonymous said...

Nalini, I am thinking of you and all the Kiwis. Be strong tomorrow.
I have so loved the kindness and hope in your books. Please keep writing for us- we need your bright spirit.