Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Psy-Changeling Reread Spoiler Zone

Will you be (or are you already) doing a reread of the Psy-Changeling Series in preparation for the release of Ocean Light? Any thoughts you'd like to share, or burning questions that other readers might be able to answer? Have you noticed something in this reread that you hadn't spotted previously?

This will be a spoiler zone for the entire Psy-Changeling series up to and including Silver Silence. So go forth and tell us your thoughts. ;-)


Ginni B said...

Listening to Silver Silence on my commute now. Can’t wait for Bowen's story.

library addict said...

I have reread the entire series five times in the past four years not counting my additional individual book rereads so I decided not to do an entire series reread this year.

I do plan to reread the last five single titles (starting with Heart of Obsidian) closer to Ocean Light’s release date.

What amazes me is that even after rereading the series so many times I still pick up on new stuff every time.

Most of my questions have been answered in subsequent books, though I have a few lingering ones.

I had assumed after Branded by Fire that Hawke knew about Anthony. So was surprised in last year’s reread of Kiss of Snow to realize at that point Hawke didn’t know (per ch 23 "It also made Hawke wonder, not for the first time, about Anthony Kyriakus’s loyalties."). So I wonder if Mercy didn’t Riley or if Riley didn’t tell Hawke. It’s a moot point since they all know by Allegiance of Honor.

I also wonder about Faith’s thought re: The Ghost becoming important to DarkRiver in Caressed by Ice. Was that just his connection via Sahara? Or because Faith thought specifically about The Ghost if that’s an element of the story arc that has yet to play out fully. Hmm…

There are other more plot specific questions I have that we’ll just have to wait to see how things evolve such as:
•If/how Kaleb gets the NetMind and DarkMind to merge.
•Who is the Architect?
•Who are the traitors (in BS, HA, Forgotten, etc)?
•How will they solve issue of faulty chips (for Human Alliance)?
•Was Mikhail a victim of Psy experimentation?
•Who are the other top tier members of the Consortium?
•How will they be able to save Bowen? (we’ll have this answer soon!)
•Who will Kaleb hire to be his senior assistant since Lenik is not equipped to deal with him directly?

And of course the all-important question: Did Judd finish the new obstacle course at the SD San Gabriel den in less tries than Cooper? LOL.

Ararose said...

I'm wondering if we will learn more about Teijan and the Rats, as well as Adam and the falcons? Or the Russian Bridegroom?

Also, I'm curious as to how the Psy are going to convince humans to trust them. I mean, fixing the chip will help, but still... that's going to be a long road.

And, yeah who are the traitors? It seems as if leaks or traitors are mentioned, but we only see the changelings really dealing with them. For example, I just listened to the audio book of Heart of Obsidian, and Anthony Kyriakus apparently has (or had) someone in his clan that leaked Sahara's return. Yet, we have no idea if Anthony located the leak and took care of it. Presumably he did, but it was behind the scenes?

And I'm wondering when we will have more babies, because I want more babies! Especially for the some of our TKs for some reason. I just think Judd or Kaleb with a baby would be cute and highly amusing. :)

I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to the next book! I can't wait!

Ararose said...

Oh, and Alice Eldridge! What's going to happen with Alice?

Anonymous said...

I've just reread the Wild Embrace novella. It's not so much an unanswered question, but I'm wondering in Echo of Silence how all the people working on Alaris found out and reacted to Tazia and Stefan's marriage. That would be such a great short story! So looking forward to Ocean Light!!!!!

Skip*Beat said...

Are you serious?
There's not a month that goes by that I'm not re-reading any of your Psy-Changeling or Guild Hunter books. I must know them by heart by now. I'm even re-reading your novellas on the other characters that appear in your stories.

Think I'm obsessed much?

Anonymous said...

I reread both the Psychangeling and Guild Hunter books regularly. I always have one by my side ready to dip into. They have given me tremendous pleasure over the years. I have my favourite characters in each series but love both worlds you have created.

Tiana said...

After rereading the entire series, I believe the Architect is Shoshanna Scott. I forget which book it was in, but Caleb visited Shoshanna and she told him she was focusing on business, not politics. "Easily recognizable face" from Shards of Hope and discovering the Architect was female in Silver Silence has made me believe this. It took rereading the series for these clues to click in my mind.

library addict said...


At first I thought she was too obvious, but she's definitely on my list of suspects.

I also wonder who the traitors are in the various packs, the Forgotten, and the Human Alliance.

So many questions...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else wonder when we will learn more about Alice Eldridge? Or the Remi and the Rainfire pack? Or the baby arrows learning to play? Nikita's strange relationship with Anthony Kyriakus?
Also very curious about how humans will protect themselves from Psy influence.
My guess for the Architect is also Shoshanna.
Is Miane a shark changeling?
I'm probably forgetting loads..
Super excited for Bo's story!!

AC said...

I reread the series ALL THE TIME!! I also really really want to know what happens to Alice!

library addict said...

Alice is on my wishlist of "characters I would like to see get stories" along with lots of others.

Starting my semi-reread this evening with Heart of Obsidian. I had planned to wait until mid-May, but Kaleb and Sahara are calling to me...

Anonymous said...


Me too I really want news about Alice, especially that mem in Snow dancer seem interested by her! i would like read how men court her!!

is there anyone who imagined who could make her court ?

But, in a recent novel we discover that a man speak with Amara, she don't understand why but I hope this man is interessed by her and that he will try to court her!!!
And you, do you think we can imagine a lovestory for Amara ?
( OK she was bad, but now she is perhaps not good, but at least neutral, and this man could be a good way to become more "human")

(PS : I'm french so I think that my english isn't perfect,sorry)

library addict said...

Finished rereading Heart of Obsidian for the gazillionth time (it's one of my absolute faves).

I'm curious if I'm the only one who gets somewhat mad/disappointed with Anthony in this book? I know we'd not have this book or even the series without Kaleb and Sahara having gone through what they did, but my heart breaks for the young teen sitting in Anthony's office and I really wish Anthony had noticed and done something!

Gen said...

Just finishing up this year's reread, so many people I want to see more of!

I really really wanna know about Alice and her relationship with Zaid? Will we see anything of him at all? Is he the "powerful, tormented mad who'd been my (her) childhood playmate and who broke my (her) heart to splinters" (Shield of Winter)?

And of course, Nikita and Anthony!!!
Also the falcons!! Adam sounds like a hottie ;-P
Hope we see more of the bears and Silver too!

Super excited to learn more about Bowen and the water changelings in Ocean Light! Actually just super excited about everything in this series in general, Nalini's awesome. <3

Anonymous said...

Finished a re-read in April while recovering from surgery and almost finished with another where I started with Heart of Obsidian, one of my favs.

I too would choose Shoshanna Scott for the architect. I agree about the recognizable face, Ming is also recognizable, but a hood and dark glasses wouldn't disguise him. Of course he could be on of the consortium, still. But I have always thought S. was a good choice based on her reported thoughts, intentions when the faulty chip was removed early in the series.I think it was in 'Caressed'? Also she fits the statement about starting the consortium as on of at least two choices and later going with it. I figured the other choice was Henry and Pure Psy.

I'm curious how Bowen goes from 'Death's Door' at the end of Silver Silence and active but still in danger. Also, I'm wondering if the solution to the chips and their danger involves Samuel Rain helping Ashara and Amara? And perhaps also coming up with a working solution to protect humans.