Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Book Rec & Catchup

What did you get up to this weekend? I read Michelle Diener's amazing Interference & Insurgency, a novella and a short novel that kick off her Verdant String series. I can't wait for the full-length book in June! If you like science fiction romance, check this out. Okay, your turn! How was your weekend? 


ladyreadsalot66 said...

Sometimes it is weird reading when you posted something. For me you are already tomorrow. I fully understand Earth's rotation and time zones but sometimes getting concrete reminder is weird and funny.
This past Saturday my side of the family had a delayed holiday get together. The older everyone gets the harder it is to find available time. We had a full on turkey feast and it was wonderful. Great food and great visit. On Sunday we celebrated my daughter's 20th birthday a day early (she has late classes and I am on afternoon shift on Jan 22 her actual birthday). We let the kids pick where we go out for dinner on their birthday but this year she just wanted to order in Chinese food and chill. She is feeling both happy and sad to be leaving her teen years - so in her words she did not want to people. We watched an older and very surreal movie called Mirror Mask. Other than that I binged watched the new season of Dirk Gently on Netflix Canada. I loved it even though it hurts my brain at times!

Anonymous said...

Went out this weekend (paid a bill, grocery shopped) and enjoyed the warmer weather in Fort Worth. Watched Victoria on public broadcasting service (PBS). Did some reading.

I'm going to see if Barnes and Noble has the Michelle Diener book and hopefully get it for my Nook. Thanks for the book rec Nalini.

Patricia S

Lesa said...

I'm starting to read Cast in Deception by Michelle Sagara.

library addict said...

I am working on projects around the house, so not much reading time.

I'm happy the new Michelle Diener series will be available in ePub. Her last few trilogies have been Amazon only, so I've only read the first book in the Class 5 series so far. I will put this one on my list.

Started the new Shalvis today, but haven't gotten far (I miss my reading time).

Vidya J. said...

My sister had the crazy idea to go rollerskating. So I dug out my old roller blades from the garage and we went to a nearby hot skates rink. Although I haven't done this in years and thought that I forgot how to skate, I managed not to fall. I also finished up watching a K-drama "My Beautiful Bride" and with nothing else to do after that I decided to re-read one my old favorites from Felicity Heaton titled Masquerade.

Anonymous said...

I took it easy, lazed around and read 'Bound Together' by Feehan and then started re-reading Lynsay Sands Highlander series getting ready for the new books to come out. Did some cooking and general cleaning. And today I got the new Feehan 'Judgement Road' from the library so I think it will be a good night to read!

Alice E