Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday Book Club

It's time for the final Friday Book Club of 2017!! What were your favorite books this year?


library addict said...

No fun reading for me this week as I had to read a bunch of coding manuals for HTML, CSS, etc. That and dealing with all the snow. Blah!

Planning to reread all the newsletter shorts in the lovely collection Nalini sent in the latest newsletter ASAP.

ladyreadsalot66 said...

Nothing new for me either. Rereading some early Jayne Anne Krentz's early forays into Fantasy. I am planning to get newsletter collection as soon as I get home from work tonight - thank you so much for this. Awesome with awesome sauce!!
I am also looking forward to paperback release of J. D. Robb's Secrets in Death.

Anonymous said...

Read all the short stories from the newsletter collection. I didn't realize there were so few shorts from the Rock Kiss series. Again, thank you for the compilation.

Happy New Year everyone!

Patricia S

library addict said...

My favorite discovery this year was the Sectors series by Veronica Scott, particlarly Wreck of the Nebula Dream and Star Cruise: Outbreak.

I also finally read Meljean Brooks' Iron Seas series. My favorites were Riveted and The Kraken King plus a number of the novellas.

I got all caught up on Nicole Helm (I had purchased her books as they released but was woefully behind on actually reading them.) Some misses, but mostly enjoyable reads.

Plus Silver Silence #teamstarlightandherteddybear!

Anonymous said...

Wrapping up my re-read of J D Robb with 'Echoes' and 'Secrets'. Favorite book of the year was 'Silver Silence' and the bears.

Happy New Year to all. Hope your holidays have been happy!

Kar said...

I recently discovered Jenn Stark's Immortal Vegas series. Psychic conspiracies, Batman! Paranormal without the shape-shifters or zombies. The first book was rough around the edges, but the series picked up as I moved through them.

Anonymous said...

I am reading Silence Fallen by P. Briggs and next is Wicked Abyss by K. Cole
Didn't have much time to read lately so my TO READ pile got enormous.. working on it now

Sanja, Croatia

Eva said...

Happy New Year everyone!

My favorite books in 2017 were:

Archangel`s Viper
Fury of Surrender by Coreene Callahan
Killing Kate by Alex Lake
The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren (02.01.2018)
The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin
The Girl Who Lived by Christopher Greyson
Murder Game by Caroline Mitchell
The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (02.01.2018)
A Cold Day in Hell by Lissa Marie Redmond (08.02.2018)
December Park by Ronald Malfi
The Visitors by Catherine Burns
The Silentn Girl by Dylan Young (19.01.2018)
Perfect Remains by Helen Sarah Fields
The Marsh King`s Daughter by Karen Dionne

AlwaysV said...

Happy New Year! Happy Reading!

I feel so lucky to have discovered TWO MOST AWESOME AUTHORS via recs from reading friends. Thank you so much, ladies <3 you know who you are. Hope y'all have time to check them out too.

Anne Cleeland "Acton & Doyle" series and super gorgeous Regency titles like "Tainted Angel". . .

Jeffe Kennedy "Twelve Kindoms Trilogy & spin-offs" . . .

AlwaysV said...

Jeffe Kennedy 's Twelve Kingdoms series sorry for the previous misspelling above :(