Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


AlwaysV said...

I'm so blown away by Amid the Winter Snow an anthology by my top authors. Grace Draven's The Darkest Midnight, Thea Harrison's The Chosen, Elizabeth Hunter's The Storm, and Jeffe Kennedy's The Snows of Windroven.

Grace Draven's novella took me back to The Wraite Kings series. Super amazing!

Thea Harrison's novella took me to The Elder Races series. Totally fantastic.

Elizabeth Hunter's novella was a part of The Irin Chronicles. A heart wrenching story. Yet such a beautiful Happy Ending. Renata's soulmate "reshon" and all of her community were viciously slaughtered. Many years later she fell in love with Max. But he might have his own "reshon" whom he had yet to meet. Yes, I have to repeat . . . it's a truly beautiful Happy Ending.

library addict said...

I liked Nicole Helm's Want You More (Mile High Adventures #3).

I just started Veronica Scott's Aydarr, the first book in her new Sectors New Allies series, and am enjoying it.

Eva said...

I read Perfect Remains by Helen Fields. Loved the characters.

Now I'm reading Ronald Malfi's December Park.

ladyreadsalot66 said...

Loved Heart Sight, the latest in Robin D. Owens Celta Heart series. Main characters are ones we have see growing up in other novels in the series. Vinni has always been one of favourite characters and to see him and his beloved Avellana finally work towards their HEA was very sastifying on so many levels. Other long story arcs are also resolved in this novel. I think over the holidays I might do a complete reread of the series - comfort reading on the cold Canadian nights. Happy Holidays everyone!

Anonymous said...

I re-read Allegiance of Honor and Silver silence. Does anyone else wonder when we will learn more about Alice Eldridge? Or the Rainfire pack? Or the baby arrows learning to play? Nikita's strange relationship with Anthony Kyriakus?
I am probably forgetting a few things that didnt make it into Silver silence...I cannot wait for the next book!

Anonymous said...

I also read Amid the Winter Snow anthology. I really enjoyed the stories (especially Grace Draven and Thea Harrison). After that, for some reason, I had a craving to read Radiance by Grace Draven.

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

Loved AMID THE WINTER SNOW. Four very good stories. Also really, really enjoyed Sharon Lee/Steve Miller's BLOCK PARTY, a short story in their Liaden Universe which is or will be soon up on Baen's home page to celebrate the release of their newest book, NEOGENESIS, which comes out in January. Baen seems to be having trouble getting the story displayed but you can access it directly at if it isn't showing yet when you go to the Baen home page.

Anne in Virginia

Claire said...

I just finished "The brimstone deception" by Lisa Shearin, 3rd book in the SPI Files serie.
My next book will be "The ghoul vendetta", 4th book in the SPI Files serie.
Fantasy books set in NY with a lot of supernatural creatures, full of humor and action.
A very fun read.

Anonymous said...

Still in re-read mode. I'm currently in the middle of reading Julie Miller's Harlequin Intrigue "Precinct" series located in Kansas City. I'm up to about the 15th book and enjoying them, perhaps because I'm so familiar with the general location.

Also read the latest 'Stephanie Plum' from Evanovich. Okay, but I wasn't that thrilled.