Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Who's Counting Down?


Anonymous said...

Me! I will admit it whole heartedly. Tomorrow morning Venom will be downloaded on my Nook. Yay!

Patricia S

Wrayth Lethe said...

Got mine this morning, read it this afternoon! Only took me about 2hours XD (I found it funny that kobo's website said it would take 8hours O_O )

Loved it! Thank you Nalini!

I actually laughed (out loud!) at parts of this book :D

So cheers for a lovely book, but what am I going to read now?

Sherri L. said...

Got it ordered for my kindle can't wait.

skewedview said...

Got it, read it in 4 hrs, loved it. Now will reread to get all nuances. Thank you for this story that started in book 1 and has continued to book 10, can't wait until the next instalment .... I know greedy, but they are all soooo good.

Nemo said...

I had some weird problem with downloading it, but when I actually suceed I devoured it! And I loved it <3

Anonymous said...

Got the book this morning. Had to wait to read since I was at work. Loving it so far.

Patricia S