Thursday, June 15, 2017

Silver Silence Out Worldwide!!

It's now June 15th in the UK, and that means SILVER SILENCE is officially out worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy book day (take two) Nalini!

I'm just listening to "It's All About Believin'" by Def Leppard. I think this is perfect for Mr. I.M.A Teddy Bear (aka Valentin). The first time I heard this song, and then read Silver Silence, I thought "that's Val's feelings for Silver".

Thank you for this wonderful book. It would be interesting to read about the "mangy wolves" on the other side of Moscow. :)

Patricia S

Unknown said...

And my copy is on hold at the library for me. Whee. Have to wait until 1:00 pm when the library opens to go get it.

kelticat said...

Some takeaways from the book that I got. Arwen and Dima are totally adorable. Grandmother Ena is a badass. The stabby poet is as badass as Silver. There, not too spoilery.