Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


Elaine said...

Listening to Allegiance of Honor in another tab of my browser as I write this.

SunnyQueen said...

Still on an Ilona andrews high.
RE read burn for me and white hot.
Stalking her blog for snippets of wild fire.

Now am just counting down the days until I meet silver and her teddy bear.

Anonymous said...

SunnyQueen, I'm doing the same thing.

To bear the wait for Tuesday, I'm re-reading Heart of Obsidian.

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

Silver Silence!!!
I received my pre-ordered copy from TBD yesterday and started reading immediately.

Not going to say anything more. Don't want to spoil it for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm jealous jealous of the first Anonymous!
Leafing through Allegiance of Honour (hey Nalini, as a kiwi why do you spell like an American?... ;-) ), and just waiting.


maria said...

I would like to ask you when will you be in Spanish "Tangle of Need"?

Eva said...

Read Sexy in Stilettos and Come Home Again by Nana Malone. Loved them. They are free for the Kindle on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

to the 2nd anonymous, as a New Zealander she probably spells UK, but you might have the US version of the book so it's edited to be USA spellings?

I've re-read some of Tamora Pierce Circle books - The Power in the Storm, the Healing in the Vine and the Will of the Empress, as well as Nalini's Heart of Obsidian (I re-read the arrow and allegiance books last week along with Ilona Andrew's Burn for me and White Hot.)

eh tried a few others, since deleted from my kindle so they weren't all that memorable I guess....Nora Roberts maybe? something cowboy/murder mystery.

Oh and Dragon Bones by Jasmine Walt, decent, looking forward to the next one :D

Anonymous the Third!

library addict said...

Also jealous of 1st anon getting the book early, but happy for her too.

As for the American English, do the Gollanz edition have British/Australian spellings? I vaguely recall Nalini answering the question before as because Penguin is the main publisher. It might have been around the time the first Rock Kiss book came out as she continued with US spellings in that series. But my Google skills have so far failed me in regards to finding the quote.

I read Nora Roberts' Come Sundown. There were parts I really liked but overall it was an uneven read for me.

Only 81 hours and 9 minutes until #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear! for me.

library addict said...

This wasn't the q&a I was thinking of as it's from 2007, but I did find one interview that addresses the spelling issue: Dear Author interview (it's the first question)

kelticat said...

Rereads of Alien Proliferation and Alien Separation by Gini Koch. And a couple of crochet books to teach myself how in an effort to help my sister.

Unknown said...

Reading frenzy this week...Come Sundown, Nora Roberts...The Thing About Love, Julie James, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Amanda Quick. Ready for Silver!

Anonymous said...

@ Library addict and other anonymous(i? esses?)

I have a gollanz guild hunter book (Jason's) and it has american spelling! XD
how did I not notice this before?!? O_o

Cheers for the interview! I hadn't known that :)

~Anonymous the III

Anonymous said...

It has been a busy week with volunteering for library, but I re-read Allegiance of Honor and a J.D. Robb mystery. Eagerly awaiting Silver's story.

library addict said...

I'm sure Nalini or Ashwini will post a link about this (and I'm not sure if the interview will be available on demand on the site by itself later), but if anyone missed Nalini's radio interview with Andrew Dickens Sunday Café on NewstalkZB radio Go here:Newstalk ZB Week on Demand

The Sunday tab should be open. Look on the line for 11AM-Miday and click the first link (11:00 - 11:15) Nalini's interview starts at about the 8:15 mark. Then continues for the first few minutes of the 11:15 - 11:30 link.

I was able to listen to it live, but tested the on demand as well. I'm in the US, so imagine the site is available worldwide.

A fun interview.

Stephanie B said...

I know this is coming in late on this thread, but I wanted to share...

One of my local libraries accidentally put out their copy of Silver Silence Friday and I saw it and I nabbed it. :D Both my husband and I have already read it. He gives it a thumbs up - I'm a little more wordy than that. I'll keep it short, though, so I don't ramble.

The book was really good (my favorite since Heart of Obsidian). I definitely agree with all the other early readers with the whole "bears" comment (I said it many times in my head, actually). I love Valentin and Silver (as individuals and as a couple)...and Grandmother is great, too. I'm certain readers will be very happy.

And, as a PSA...any of you who might have trouble with remembering names and relations - you should make a list for this book because not only do we get lots of new characters, many also have a nickname...and some have more than one!

NaRong said...

Still on an Ilona andrews high.
RE read burn for me and white hot.
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