Thursday, July 07, 2016

Blog Tour Signup & Google Hangout

Bloggers: if you'd like to participate in the Rock Wedding blog tour, please sign up here!

In other news, I did a Google Hangout this morning (well, morning New Zealand time!). I didn't have a chance to put the link up everywhere as we hit some technical glitches, but here is the video of the hangout.

I tried to choose some questions to answer that I hadn't previously answered, or where I could give an updated answer.

Also, my wifi dropped at one point so the video will cut out. I return at the 6.54 mark. Hope you enjoy watching/listening! If you're reading this on Goodreads and can't see the video, click this link to watch it on Youtube.

p.s. Why do I look so very worried in that captured image? I don't know! 


library addict said...

Enjoyed the Q&A yesterday. I missed part in the middle, so thanks for posting the link.

Anonymous said...

Finished watching the hangout. Enjoyed the answers to the questions. No matter what you write, every one of your fans will enjoy it.

Too bad those of us in Texas can't send you the heat we have right now.

Patricia S

elodie said...

Enjoyed the answers to the questions too.