Saturday, May 25, 2013

Twitter Ghost Chat Storify Link

As you know, the Ghost hijacked my profile for an hour yesterday on Twitter. There were some interesting answers to reader questions.

If you missed the chat, but would like to catch up on what the Ghost said, you can read the thread on Storify.

I think it's actually in reverse order, so instead of reading from the top, go to the bottom and keep clicking Read Next Page until you get to the start of the conversation. (You should probably settle in with a cup of coffee or tea - it's a long conversation!)

If you'd just like a summary, BookThingo tweeted that they've posted a summary on their blog. If you've posted a summary on your own blog or know of someone who has, please feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Have a great weekend everyone!


library addict said...

Saw this one
has a quick, well-done wrap-up of the chat.

AJ said...

Thanks! Book Things summary was well done. Although now, I'm even more in the dark over The Ghost's identity - June 4th can't come soon enough! I was so sure he was Kaleb...

I wish that SnowDancer was part of this book, just because I love them so much, but maybe we will see a little bit of DarkRiver? The Goodreads review that mentioned the absence of SD didn't make the same comment about DR.