Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tangle of Need Paperback Now Out!

Tangle of Need is now out in paperback! The e-book price has also dropped!  

(It sometimes takes a few hours for the change to go through, so if you're not seeing the lower ebook price at your bookstore, just wait a little bit and you should.)

I hope you all enjoy the book!


Sherri L. said...

Yea!!! I'll finally get to read it. Can't wait. Thanks for the info Nalini.

Diane said...

Got it!

Anonymous said...

Got it, too:-)!

Thank you for the deleted scenes!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY got round to reading Black Lament by Christina Henry...brilliant, can't wait for the next one. Have Shadows Claim (K Cole), 2 Dark Hunter books and 2 Morganville Vampire books that have been sitting waiting for QUITE a while. Not been in the mood to read :(