Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lord of the Abyss Excerpt & Release Dates!

First, a little glimpse of Micah and Liliana:
Shaking his head to erase that haunting voice that made things in his chest tear and break, he stared at Liliana, spoke in the gentle tone that made the villagers tremble. “Where’s my breakfast?” He ran the sharp tips of his gauntlet along her jaw. “I do not smell meat.”
    “Your breakfast is right here,” she said, her face going white…but she didn’t back down. “And it’s quite delicious, as you’d know if you’d stop trying to terrify me.” Reaching out, she touched him, her hand curving over the black armor of his upper arm. “Please sit.”
    He was so startled that anyone dared touch him, he obeyed without realizing what he was doing. When he would’ve snarled, she seduced him into silence by serving him bread studded with fruit and sprinkled with honey and sugar and…cinnamon.
    This time, when the scent threatened to ensorcel him, he fought it.
From Lord of the Abyss

If you'd like to read some more short excerpts, check out this great review at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

As promised, here's the complete release date information for Lord of the Abyss. 

North America 

The single paperback edition is now out! 

Amazon, B&N, BookDepo, B-A-M
Chapters, IndBnd, eHarlequin, Powells

Paperback and ebook duo edition (with a copy of Desert Warrior my first ever published book), out November 22nd.

Amazon, B&N, BookDepo, B-A-M, Chapters, Powells, eHarlequin
Kindle, Nook

Single ebook edition

Adobe format - out as an early release from eHarlequin
Kindle/Nook - out December 1st


January 2012 


Australia is publishing the first two titles (Gena and Jill) in January 2012 and the second two titles (Jessica and me) in March 2012. 


Anonymous said...

LOL - Definitely a hero to fall for!

Saiqa said...

Hi Nalini, I am a bit confused.I went on booksonboard yesterday to post my review for the book but the book wasn't showing up? I was going to put it up later, but am I supposed to wait for the UK release date or do it today? Please could you let me know?

Nalini Singh said...

Saiqa - it's showing up for me and I'm in NZ. Maybe it was just a glitch? I'm happy to host your review here on the blog if you want. Just shoot it to me.

Saiqa said...

Hi Nalini, its still not working so I have emailed you the review. Going to try and put it in the books section of yahoo answers now.It was a great book.

Saiqa said...

I managed to post my review of the book on yahoo answers in the books and authors section. Here is a link to read it:;_ylt=Av015hiQm4Szupwzr7czJoAjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20111116152825AAaPKvX