Saturday, December 18, 2010


My Smugglivus post, focusing on authors and series that were new to me this year is up at the Book Smugglers!


Catherine said...

Lori Foster's SBC series is awesome!!1 You will love it. It would be embarrassing to tell you how many times I've read Dean and Simon's stories!

Anna said...

Yay! Another paranormal writer to try. If Thea Harrison has you excited for her next book then I'm sure her dragon series will be a good bet.

Loralei James comes up a lot. I'm not big into cowboys or contempories. Much prefer paranormals but maybe I'll give her a try. Who knows. She could someday write about space cowboys. he he

All your future books are a must buy. Love the Guild Hunter world and curious about the future arc after Kiss of Snow. Maybe one day Vasic (sp?), the arrow, will get a book. Hmmmm....No pressure! Then there's Aodhan, Jason, and the snakey vampire Venom. So many interesting characters!