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Archangel's Kiss Spoiler Thread

This is the place where you can discuss Angels' Blood and Archangel's Kiss with other readers.

*Spoilers* allowed so if you haven't read the books, look away!!

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DrkCherry said...

I did a review over on Goodreads:

While I loved the story, I think I was more intrigued by the members of Raphael's Seven. They all seem to be broken in some tragic way.

Out of all the members of the Seven, Illium is my favorite. I like that Elena considers him a friend. Raphael has stated that Illium is her favorite, but I wonder how much of that is because of Illium's personality and how much is because he is the only one of the Seven who is even remotely approachable. Dimitri and Venom both are sexual menacing death; Aodhan doesn’t like to be touched; Jason is almost submissive and silent; and Galen isn’t sure if he wants her dead. I’m missing one, but I can’t remember who.

I did feel that meeting up with Elena's childhood antagonist was anti-climatic. We literally saw him for all of 30 seconds, then poof, gone. I would also have liked to know whether Elena’s nightmares were just the memories finally releasing, or if Lijuan had something to do with it, when she remade the vampire.

And I so wanted Elena to go to her father and shove it in his face that she’s an Angel not a vampire.

Anonymous said...

Loved the new book,"Archangel's Kiss", the character of Elena is an interesting young woman, and I think the storyline of her nightmares of her past, are not over. I feel that her sisters, Ari and Belle, could be back, maybe Vampires themselves or something else. As for Illium, like him, but I hope that he finds a mate soon. And Raphael is enchanting as ever, as are the other angels that show up throughout the book. N.Singh, has so much potential with all these fascinating characters, I cannot wait for the next book. Keep up the great work, Nalini Singh.From a big fan, Leslee in Canada

Sarah W said...

Love the world building and the series, and can't wait for more! However, while reading the book I found the similarities between Elena and Raphael and Eve and Roarke from the in death books to be distracting. I like both series, but I wish I didn't feel the echo while I read the book. Perhaps as the series moves to focus on different characters, the similarities will not be as striking.

Anonymous said...

The relationship between Elena and Raphael progressed beautifully. One of my favorite scenes is when she gave him the ring and then they talked about building a home in Manhattan. :) I loved how Raphael is finally opening up to her & trusting her with his past. However, I do agree with DrkCherry that the meeting with Slater Patalis ended way too fast. Other than that, I absolutely loved it & can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

drkcherry the one you forgot is naasir.

i love the book it was wonderfully written.the seven is very interesting and i cant wait for their stories .

nikki hammack

DrkCherry said...

To: Nikki

Thanks, it was really bugging me that I couldn't recall the seventh Seven's name.

Anonymous said...

I hope Caliane "awakens" and makes an appearance in the third book. That would be VERY interesting.

Rima said...

I loved the book. I would have enjoyed seeing Elena confront her father. She seems to be still missing a few childhood memories. I would also like to know if Elena harbors any resentment against her mother for her suicide. Other than that, I thought it was a perfect book. I want to read a book about Venom; he is too interesting!

cikag said...

I actually thought that Caliane would wake from her sleep and finish off Lijuan since Lijuan was getting too powerful, and I wonder if Caliane will show up later in the series.

My favorite part was when Elena gave the ring to Raphael too. I love how he held on the the ring because it meant the world to him. That whole scene was a happy sigh moment for me.

I think Illium is a great friend to Elena, but I can't tell if his love for her is a friend love, or more? I don't believe he will cross the line because of his loyalty to Raphael, but sometimes I can't tell if he is teasing Elena/Raphael with his actions or if he's really feels love love (not the friend love) for Elena.

Kyesha said...

I really enjoyed this book simply because of the relationship between Raphael and Elena is developing so well, but I must admit I kinda hoped that we would be able to see Elena in Manhattan and the reactions that her family/fellow hunters would have towards her after finding out that she's now an angel not a vampire.
And Elena and Raphael's relationship away from the refuge in the "real world," and if he really will let her continue on as a Guild Hunter.

Maybe it's just me but it doesn't feel like Raphael and Elena's relationship is really finished yet.

But one thing I can't deny is that Elena's interactions with the seven were highly entertaining. I really liked Galen, mostly because he I couldn't really be sure if he wanted to kill Elena or not. And then of course there was dear Bluebell, I sort of feel sorry for him if he really is falling in love with Elena because unrequited love is not fun plus Raphael really would have to kill him.

My favorite scene in the book would have to be when Elena and Raphael and Elena exchanged gifts and when every scene with Galen.

Anonymous said...

That would have been cool if Caliane did come back and finished off Lijuan....I wish that would have happened instead now, lol.

And yeah, I think Illium doesn't "love love" her (as in, more than friendship) but is instead just a complete flirt & teasing them. However, I could be wrong.

Ami said...

I also wish to know more about the Seven, especially the newly introduced Aodhan. They are very interesting characters. I hope we get more insights on how their life prior becoming Seven, or for the vampires, of course, prior them being Made. It adds the nuance of the story, aside from Elena and Raphael, of course.

Just like DrkCherry, Bluebell is also my favorite of the Seven ::)

Anonymous said...

I really love this series! And i've been waiting a year for this book to come out and i wasn't disappointed a bit! :) i hope the next book is still about Elena and Raphael because there is still so much to learn out them.

cikag said...

I had originally thought that Elena's mother was killed by Slater, but after I read AK, it seemed as if her mother survive Slater's attack, but then committed suicide. Did anyone else get that impression?

Also, I'm curious as to whether or not Lijuan still counts as the Cadre of Ten, even though I don't think so. If she doesn't count, there's only eight archangels now, and I'm curious to see who gets Lijuan's land in the land grab. The power struggle among angels/archangels will be brutal, and I wonder if it'll be more brutal because of the huge vacancy of power Lijuan left with her departure from this world.

Sweet said...

This book has spoiled me for other books for awhile. Nothing seems to appeal to me, after reading this. It was just that good.

Loved the new characters that were introduced and I really want to know more about Galen and his relationship with the teacher of the little angels. I like that Galen and most of the 7 didn't warm up to Elena right away or at all really. They told the truth, she was a weakness. Their loyalty is to Raphael first and foremost. I'm also happy that Raphael didn't turn into this super cuddly hero, just because he found love. This was a great read from beginning to end.

Recently I've seen some readers comparing the relationship of Raphael and Elena to Eve and Roarke from the "In Death" books. I don't see it. Both, Elena and Eve have nightmares about a childhood trauma and have their spouses comfort them, thats the only similarity I see.(So, no other fictional character is supposed to ever have nightmares about their childhood, because J.D. Robb wrote about it all ready.) I was just curious to know what other readers found similar.

Anonymous said...

I thought so too, originally. However, Elena's mom killed herself because she couldn't cope with the death of her two daughters by Slater. The four of them moved to "the big house" after the deaths of her sisters. That's where she killed herself. It's consistent with what is in Angel's Blood too; you just don't get the full details until AK. At least I'm pretty sure that's what happened, ha!

Shannon said...

I have to say that I really loved the book tremendously! I just loved reading about Elena and Raphael, but I loved learning more about the Seven. My three faves as of now are:


I just love these three particularly, and I loved reading about Naasir, Venom, Galen, and Aodhan as well. I'm really liking this series a lot. My only complaint about the book was the lack of major action and fighting scenes that I hope to see in the next Guild Hunter book! Don't get me wrong, I loved the scenes in the book, I was just hoping for a more outrageous battle with Lijuan or intense training sessions with Galen.

Oh, I can't forget how much I loved seeing and hearing more about Nazarach as well! He's just so brutal! I hope he does become one of the Cadre of Ten. He's ruthless enough!

Michaela was pretty kick-a## in this book as well. Snooty and rough as usual, but with much more emotions and ruthlessness that I like in her character.

Can't wait till next year for Elena and Raphael's return to New York. Elena owes Illium a trip on one of her hunts, which should be pretty cool! I'm also curious about Raphael's Mother, Caliane and Lijuan's new transformation!

Unknown said...

The only similarity i see, between in death and archangel´s kiss is, that raphael is-like roarke- always there when elena is waking from a nightmare. I love that, how he hold her and cares for her. otherwise their childhood traumas are really different.

The seven are an intriguing lot! and you are right, they all seem to be broken in some way. I would never ever call Jason submissive! He is a shadow, but thats what he is supposed to be as a spy. I think he is as deadly as anyone else.
I loved the scene when elena finished of this slater person. She was sooo cool! "Could you kneel down for a second?" hehe, and the raphael burned him to ashes. It was great!
I soo want elena to confront her stupid father. although i would enjoy raphael even more. he would show this man where his place is!
I can´t really express how much I loved this book!

Cikag said...


I completely missed the part about Elena and her family moving into the big house after their two sisters died. I guess I thought they lived in the same house, and her mother couldn't take it anymore before taking her own life. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

I must admit, I don't really get Elena's father at this point. Like other people said, I'm really looking for the showdown between them after Elena goes back to NYC.

Unknown said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Archangel's Kiss. I have read it twice since the book came out on Feb 2nd. The characters of Elena & Raphael have such depth. Their relationship has a wonderful foundation & I can't wait to see where it leads them. I am also so intrigued by the Seven, the Cadre and the Guild Hunters. They all make such wonderful secondary characters. If Ms. Singh's continues to develop and expand the protagonists, themes & magical world she has introduced us to, then she will definitely have a bestselling series. I eagerly await the next story. What will be Manhattan's reaction to Elena's transformation to an Angel? Hmmmm :)

Pam Fredrick said...

I loved everything about this book.... And can't wait for the next (hurry nalini!!)... I think my favorite parts were the parts when Raphael showed that he's remembering how to laugh, how to be a little more human, and yes, of course, his reaction when Ellie gave him his ring. Of the Seven, really Jason and Aodhan have to be the most intreging to me so far (i'm a sucker for the quiet ones), but I can't wait to read more about them all.

I did want to comment on the Eve/Roarke paralle... Cuz at first, I was thinking the same thing. On the surface, there is a lot in comman, powerful men, woman with childhood tragidies, but after that, and once i finished, and re-read it about 100 times, I don't think there is much more then that. In the In Death books, the relationship has always seemed a little imbalanced. To me, Roarke always gives, but doesn't get back nearly as much. In Raphael and Elena's story, it already seems so much more balanced, we have seen where they have already both moved to the middle, and both have done so willingly, Eve always seems like she is grudgingly being pulled to the middle, in this, Ellie is willing open herself, and Raphael is also.

I can't wait until Jeffrey has to grovel, and I hope it happens, I want to see that jerk summond to the tower and be confronted with his failures, and I'm sure Nalini won't disappoint.

All and all, its shaping up to be one of my all time favorites, and I want the next one very quickly, or at least a big old giant peek at the next one!

Pam said...

I do have one question, in both books they have said there is one Angel who maybe on the verge of becoming an Archangel. Do we know if we have met this angel yet?

Unknown said...

Idon´t think so. Maybe one of those two cruel ones? Imagine Elena! Michael would explode! I know, Ellie is too young! Now they miss to Archangels in the Cadre. Maybe Raphaels mother is coming back...

Shannon said...

I'm hoping Nazarach is one of them. I just his sinister and brutalness! He'll fit right in with the rest of the Cadre!

DrkCherry said...

When the public finds out that Elena, once Human, is now a Made Angel, do you think a cult will form, or others will think it an obtainable goal?

So many of them worship Angels, and want to be turned vamp. Can you imagine the uproar when they find out about Elena? AND when they see her in Hunter mode? What will the other Guild Hunter's do or feel about it? I mean clearly her loyalties will be questioned.

Anonymous said...

The relationship between Raphael and Elena made me laugh all the time... He's so bossy and Elena doesn't obey him...Always made me laugh... And those steamy scenes between them... Hmmmmm <3 XD

I have to say, my favorite of the Seven is Illium, too. He's always in a funny and teasing Elena... He gives off a different feeling than the rest of the angels so far.
I also love the other Seven! What we glimpsed of their inner selfs, these broken fragments! AAAAH I can't wait to read more... Need. Next. Book. :D
Btw, does anyone else feel like it would be awesome if each member of the Seven would get his own book and mate? ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Illium will become an archangel now....Anyway, I want all the Seven to get books (esp. Illium) but only after we get another one with Elena and Raphael. :) I can't get enough of them.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound completely cheesy but I hope Elena and Raphael have a baby angel at some point in this series.

Anna said...

Loved Archangel's Kiss!!! I'm haven't been able to read any other books because I keep re-reading AK.

The memories and comments from the Angels' Blood finally make sense. I had wondered why Raphael only brought up her two sisters and not the mother in AB. And the memory of the shoe on the floor. Anyway, Elena's coma really opened her up ot her past.

Touching moments...when Elena gave Raphael his gift and his reaction to it. The way she kissed his palm while they are making love. Raphael breaking the silence when she is injured after the conflict with Lijuan.

Now I'm wondering how Elena's father will react when he sees her for the first time. Will he think it's Marguerite as an angel, since she wanted to could fly? Also, will Illium's fascination with Elena lead him to feel something deeper?

I can't wait for the next book. Then there is so much potential for a spin-off of Raphael's Seven!

Anonymous said...

I loved this book! .. I see the potential in exploring more of the secondary characters, But I feel that Elaine and Raphael adventure /relationship can be furthered explored. I hope we are able to explore them for just a bit longer before we jump to other characters, or perhaps do both at the same time.. Heres wishing there is more to come!

Darcy Jo said...

I LOVED this book!! I can't express how fantastic this entire world is. I can't wait for more Elena and Raphael, because they are such a perfect couple. I love strong heroes and strong heroines, and I'm so excited that although they have fallen in love, their bad-assness hasn't been compromised :-D

I can't wait for the next (few??) books about Elena and Raphael! I want to see their entire story unfold. And if anything happens to Illium, I will be extremely upset. He needs a happily ever after!!

Anonymous said...

so... there was a throw-away comment of Raphael thinking that there was another angel pair in connection with the Queen of Poisons... and asking her about her partner, and her response was that he still lives... does that mean she's torturing him or what?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. I think she is torturing him. Creepy, lol.

Anonymous said...

Or he's sleeping.

From what i have seen of the cadre though this nazarach might fit there, but to me it seems like the cadre is dangerously unstable. And as the overall leadership of the most powerfull creatures on the planet that bodes no good at all.

Michaela i think is either going nuts or has a split personality. As such she is another member of the cadre who is unstable. I'm getting the impression that there is something fundamentally wrong with angels as a whole. Maybe the saying of "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" aplies.

Anna said...

We know for sure that Venom, Galen, and Dmitri see Elena as a mortal weakness to Raphael. I'm wondering when Raphael will manifest strengths that his Seven will be able to observe.

At this point Raphael takes longer to recover from wounds and is vulnerable to guns that shred his wings. At this point, it seems Elena will keep him from "devolving." He has the gift of healing, but that hasn't seemed to sell a portion of the Seven on Elena yet. I'm curious where Nalini goes with Raphael becoming more mortal.

Also, I'm betting it was a certain vampire that avenged Ashwini and delivered those vamp heads to the and Guild.

One more thought...I wonder if Elena and Raphael will conceive a child sometime in the series. We know Raphael is a natural with babies (Angels' Blood.) I know Angel conception is rare since they live such long lives but with Raphael becoming a little mortal...just saying. Maybe we'll learn more about Angel conception. They don't seem to use birth control.

Anonymous said...

well... since Michaela drank some of Uram's blood as he was going crazy, she's infected... that's why elena saw her eyes flash red for a moment. One thing that's very confusing... how come there aren't that many vampires... there was a throw-away comment that 1000 are Made every year... that's 100K within 10 years and 1 mil in a century... plus care+feeding... how fast are they being killed off?

PeppyPilotGirl said...

I so agree with so many of the comments here... the number one being: MORE! There's so much we don't know yet!

- How is Elena's father going to react? What about her snotty BIL?

- I want to know more about what's in that safe deposit box!

- Yes, I know it's hokey - I want to see them have a baby angel... but not just because of the "awww" factor. Think of the tension that would set up... if the angelic/archangelic world didn't fully believe Raphael should be born, how in heck would they deal with a child of his and Elena's? And, on top of that, he's so protective now, can you even imagine how protective he'd be of Elena if she were pregnant - guaranteed tension there. The trick would be having her keep her badassness as a mother.

- When is Caliene going to show up and what will happen then?

- Who is that one they keep mentioning as a potential archangel. Is it Illium? I mean, he can enter anshara and can manifest a miniature bit of glamour to hide his weapons. If he does become one, what does that do to the Seven? I can't imagine, he'd still be allowed to stay there. There's also the question of whether he'd be interested. The whole power void/political aspects are darn interesting.

- He's going to have a hard time coming to grips with her continuing to hunt. Yet I can't see her not doing it; it's such an intrinsic part of her.

- I would very much like to see the Seven come around to support Elena because they think she's a good thing and not simply because they promised Raphael they would.

- Which leads me to this one... I'd like to see a little more outward manifestation that Raphael has grown stronger (as well as weaker) as a result of his relationship with Elena - he alludes to it in the final fight with Lijuan but I wasn't terribly clear on what he meant by it.

I could go on and on but I'm far more boring than Nalini is so I won't.

Tracy, that was my reading on how the move/Margeruite's death happened too.

Anonymous re: the vampire population... I get the feeling that, overall, under some archangels they do manage to get killed at a rather rapid clip but I also think there are a lot more than we saw - we just saw the really high up ones and my bet is there are a lot of everyday Joes floating around. I was actually surprised that, with all the angels there seem to be, it was only 1000 a year.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Illium with Zoe (and her protective Hellhound). - Would be fun:-).

And I would like to read a book concerning each of the Seven. They`ve all a potential for a own story.

Anonymous said...

Eva, I kind of want to see Illium with Zoe too but kind of doubt that it'll happen. It would be cool though. ;-) I mean, it's plausible if Nalini speeds up time. However, I'm thinking that won't happen but who knows!

And PeppyPilotGirl,
I enjoyed your post/thoughts! :)

Anna said...

PeppyPilot Girl...definitely want to know more about what's in the safety deposit box. Elena keeps procrastinating about looking at the contents. It makes me think it may be something important in there.

Kind of like in the Psy/Changeling series where Sascha has the book on empaths her mother gave her. There's something important in there she's supposed to discover.

Plus, I don't see Illium as a potential archangel. He doesn't seem to have reached the maturity the archangels have, plus his weakness for mortals would seem to put him at a distinct disadvantage with the Cadre. I'm thinking it's someone Nalini has introduced yet, someone who rules his or her own domain.

Anonymous said...

This book is one of my all time favorites. I've read it about 50 times already. I can't wait for the next one.

I don't see how Eve/Roarke and Elena/Raphael are alike. Raphael has nightmares just as Elena does,he just hides his better because of his age. Elena has only had around 15 years to deal with what happened, while he has had centuries.

It seems to me that Raphael needs Elena just as much as she needs him. I hope in the next book it shows to the Seven how much he needs Elena so they won't want to kill her, she already has enough enemies.

PeppyPilotGirl said...

Good point, Anna... Illium isn't terribly mature, I suppose, as much as I like him! I very much hope it's not Nazarach or Dahariel though. Shudder!!

Anna said...

Meant to say I DON'T think it's someone who we've met yet. And Nazarach or Dahariel...I shudder at the thought. They have a cruelty about them but then look at Michaela and Neha. hmmmm

Can't wait to see where Nalini goes with the series. I hope we get to see a HEA for Ashwini too!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of a Eve/Roarke connection. Instead, it remind me a bit of J.R. Ward`s Black Dagger brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed THIS BOOK. Nalini Singh has HUGE talent! I couldn't put it down until I read it. And then I re-read it. One of my secret appreciated places is when Raphael snaps her earrings,man...that was dark and so sensual.I haven't thought that I would like possessiveness so much! And Illium is cool.I might disagree with all of you,I like that he likes Elena more than a friend. I even think... what if he confronts Raphael? not that he wins,but still.So interesting. This book has no shortcomings. Nonsense to tell anything else. Masterpiece :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. no,it doesn't remind other books. How can you compare it when it is not so good? no way.

watchingthesky said...

Eva, and anonymous- about Illium and Zoe... I think it would be better if it would be Aodhan and Zoe. Imagine the don't-touch-me Aodhan with energetic, bubbly but pampered(by Sara and Deacon) version of Elena. Maybe Zoe will be close with Elena and that caused her to be a target and Aodhan will have to be her bodyguard. I'm a sucker for that kind of story.

Anyway... I love both Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss so much that I can't read other books (except for her Psy/Changeling series). My favorite part in AB was when Raphael and Elena fell down. It was so emotional. In AK, I like the whole story most. he3. I think that AB is more action and AK is more to characters' emotion. I do hope in the next book Elena will do something that will make the Seven to accept her.

p/s- I hope that Elena's childhood experience that she said Patalis did something to her benefited her like giving her better angel/hunter power or something. I think her father kicked her out because he was afraid of her. Hope he'll be sorry for that.

p.p/s- Hoping that one day Jason would sing again. Perhaps to Elena. he3.

Anonymous said...

I absoulutly loved these books! The only thing that bothered me about Archangels Kiss was that the end was rather anticlimactic. The whole Slater Palatis thing was only a few paragraphs long. Along with the fight with Lijuan. It seemed a tad rushed at the end.

But I love how the relationship with Raphael and Elena progressed. Along with the Seven.

I also really hope Caliane comes into the story. That would be interesting how she reacts to Elena. ALong with Elena's father. I really want to see how people in New York react to ELena's transformation.
And does anyone else think there was an implication that Raphael and Elena with have a family?
Im also REALLY interested to find out about Neha's mate Eris. Cuz another relationship between Neha and Darialh was mentioned.

Sorry long review. ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree w/ DrkCherry, the Seven is what makes the story interesting. They all sound really unique. Of all the Seven I think Illium's the best. Dimitri second, and Venom third. They're the amusing/interesting ones. Nassir is OK 4th prob. Aodhan sounds pretty.......Jason's past sounds dark, and Galen is um.....i just dont like him. I bet Illium's past is dark though, and Ellie did think that he was wearing a mask over his feelings. Either way I cant wait for the next book!!I wish it was out already..........I dont think I can wait that long.....>.>

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I am intrigued by the Seven as well. I am most interested in Jason's story and Galen's background.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of yours and have been a faithful follower of your Psy/Changeling series. You now have a firm follower for your Angel series as well!

Angel's Blood set up your new world and with Archangel's Kiss, it just got better! As with the other bloggers here, I would like to see stories for each of Raphael's Seven, especially Illium and Dmitri! Raphael and Elena are growing in character and I hope to see them reach a new level in their relationship by your third installment.

My daughter has just picked up on this series as well and is impatient to read the third book already - that's in 2011.... we're hoping it will come out earlier.... pretty please?

From two of your biggest fans in Singapore ~ Petrina and Victora

Anonymous said...

I really appreciated that Elena wasn't automatically able to use her wings and fly perfectly. It's much more realistic, and more interesting for the story, that she has to work to develop these muscles just like any others. I also loved that Nalini put in all the work Elena is having to do to relearn ways to fight and even just move with these extra appendages changing her sense of balance and getting in the way.

I also want to see Elena win over the Seven, although it was realistic that, being so young and unable even to fly, they see her only as a weakness at this point. It'll be great to see those relationships work out. And, as so many others are, I'm so looking forward to her father getting what he deserves.

Thanks for a great book.

freewomansholyinheritance said...

I definitely don't want Ellie's powers to have been amped up by Slater. I want it to be due to something genetic.

joey said...

I absolutely loved this series and i cant wait for the next book.I think it should be made into a movie, it would give twilight a run for its money and im a twihard fan .It captivated my imaginagion to its limits and i could picture it all. Thank you for writing these fantastic books.

Anonymous said...

I loved "Archangel's Kiss." I adored the little angel "Sam." I had tears in my eyes when he was taken and, his sobbing mother told her to find my son Guild Hunter. and Elena said I will. Boy! that made me feel so GOOD!

Anonymous said...

I really want to leave a comment and some kind of a review. Firstly, Nalini does her best,when she writes these series,damn,but they are just... I can't put it into words!
To describe each of the Seven would be too much,but I guess I would like to say that in my opinion,Jason is not submissive,if you mean to Raphael,then yeah,who of the Seven isn't? I think Jason is just more secretive,silent,but very intriguing. But he,of course,has dark past,as I see some the Seven,if not all - has. Aodhan is the best example.They are so STRONG characters in their unique way that I can not say who's more interesting. I truly love Illium. He's so FASCINATES me. Ha,not only he is fascinated of mortals,but also the opposite :) and... I like that short,dark and light situations between him and Elena. He may fall in love,maybe he already is,and that just makes the book even more spicy. Raphael... oh,you need a competition ;) I'm kidding because he wouldn't share. Elena loves him. I would also. But... that growing strength in Illium and growing my affection to him! I'm not sure;) Lijuan,oh,I enjoyed the possibility to glimpse the life of the angels,and especially archangels! I can imagine life of hunters... well,maybe not really,but I really can't imagine life of them.So Refuge was great. Really really great. And I'm wondering... in the future,maybe not next,but next next book could show Raphael mother? Caliane Sleeps.Well,he thinks so... and I think I trust him. Anyway,that was the best book of this year(100% sure) and I'm dying to read the next. Please,continue! I don't want to finish Elena with her life of angel Made :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love, love, love these books. I wasn't sure I was going to like AB, but when I started reading, it grabbed my attention and never let go. Luckily I started AB in November so I didn't have that long to wait for AK. When I got AK, I read it in one sitting (well, stayed up all night reading it even though I had to get up early for work). I loved everything in AK. My only comment would be (like many others have mentioned) about the fight with Lijuan in that it was anticlimatic. I was expecting this huge battle between Elena/Raphael and Lijuan, but didn't get it. However, that did not deter me from absolutely loving the book.

Like many of the posters, one of my favourite scenes was when Elena gave Raphael the ring and his response to her action. Reading that scene made me deliriously happy and I totally felt Elena and Raphael's chemistry and their love for each other. Can't wait for the next books. Hopefully they'll have a little baby angel? (Please?) =) I can imagine how protective Raphael will be of Elena and baby angel.

I, too, am anxiously waiting to read about the Seven. They are all so intriguing in their own way.

Overall, I absolutely love these books. Wish Nalini would write faster. :)

myrandaroyann said...

I love this series so much! I've been rereading the books and I can't wait until the next book. As I was reading Archangel's Kiss, I read the part where Raphael calls Elena "hbeeti." Does anyone know what it means? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i've also seen it spelled habibti. it's an arabic term of endearment.

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Anonymous said...

I love these books. My favorite part was where Elena and Raphael were in the bath and he was talking about his new power to heal. He was worried about what his new power would mean and how powers are tied directly to the core of who an archangel is. It seems to me that Raphael would have developed the healing power with or without Elena. He is, at his most basic self, a healer. You can see that in the way he has surrounded himself with those who need to be healed. All the members of his Seven are hurting or broken in some way. He is helping them to heal. He helps them and cares for them in his own way.

We were given hints of it in the first book when we learned of how Caliene left him and when we found out he used to care for the angels' babies. Only those who are trusted to care and nuture are chosen to protect those most precious.


Anonymous said...

I loved Archangel's Kiss I thought Nalini did a great job of keeping the characters realistic and true to their nature. She shows that Raphael has not truly changed his true character and nature because like everyone it takes a lot of time to change it does not happen in a matter of months or days. I also think it adds a lot to the story Raphael thinking he is supreme and in control of everything, I don't want to see that change in him. So many stories have had the man change into some mushy and powerless character; which Raphael is the complete opposite. I am interested to see how his character will continue to challenge Elena and how their relationship will work.

Also, it will be interesting to see how Elena's relationship with Illium will develop. He is my favorite member of the Seven and I hope he stays really involved in the next book. I think he does really like Elena and maybe loves her....either way it will be intriguing to find out what happens to them. I can't wait for the next book!

However, for the meantime does anyone know any other books that are similar to Nalini's Archangel's Kiss? I am desperate to find a book just like this one!

Anonymous said...

i love this series!!! i hope she keeps writin from the point of view of Elena and Raphael! i just luv those 2 and how they're relationship is growing. i also luv the Seven and how each characters have their own personalities! my favorite from the Seven is Illium. I <3 how Raphael gets jealous of him :] he has competition now(but i hope he doesnt hurt Illium). i think Illium has some feelings for Elena caz of his fascination for mortals. THIS SERIES IS MY FAVORITE!<3 plz hurry up with the next book! :D

Anonymous said...

i loved archangel's kiss, the growing relationship between elena and raphael, is fascinating, dealing with someone as powerful as raphael has to be a challenge and the way elena is written a being so strong yet with her vulnerabilities is great, i also wonder what the world will make of elena when she and raphael leave refuge, it promises to be a fantastic series can't wait for the next one